WSIB – Workplace Safety Insurance Board of Canada – Workplace Safety Video

Here at the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, we have been engaged in social marketing since 1999. As with any cultural shift, changing behaviours is something that doesn’t happen overnight. Our journey can’t be done in isolation and requires an environment where awareness, action and advocacy are both promoted and encouraged.

We are passionately committed to the elimination of all injuries, illnesses and fatalities in the province and keenly understand the importance of workplace health and safety. Knowing that simply following proper procedures can help ensure every worker comes home safely to their loved ones is what drives that passion.

For us, this message of safety reaches farther than just a social marketing campaign. It is at the heart of everything we do.

“Do you think these messages are too much for the average employee, or just enough attention getting to make an impact on their safety habits?” Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “WSIB – Workplace Safety Insurance Board of Canada – Workplace Safety Video

  1. I think that the occasional use of shocking messages sinks in and makes an impact.

    Unfortunately, when exposed to this kind of message too often, a kind of numbness sets in, and the shock factor no longer works.

    Please keep producing these messages.


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