WSIB – Workplace Safety Insurance Board of Canada – Workplace Safety Video #3

“Do you think these messages are too much for the average employee, or just enough attention getting to make an impact on their safety habits?” Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “WSIB – Workplace Safety Insurance Board of Canada – Workplace Safety Video #3

  1. Thanks for your comments Ashley!

    I have found some of the UK videos to be effective as well. I do think that the WSIB videos make an indelible imprint on your mind once you’ve seen “one of them”.

    I think that building off of that so called “shock value” would be an effective way to build your message and Safety culture wherever that may be, but yes, a steady viewing of these would take away the true value in them as the employee would surely know what to expect in advance, thus the message becoming stale.


  2. I have used these videos during my outreach OSHA training courses for American and foreign contractors. My students took them in stride for what they are “training and awareness” video’s. The video’s need to be used in the right context to get the message across, if I were to show an hour’s worth of video with these thrown in there, the meaning is lost. If I show these video’s during the syllabus training they coincide with it brings the point home.
    Those video’s are on the mild side compared to driver training video’s I have used with the same (age range between 18 and 60 years old) students. I am not into the shock and awe aspect of training but I am into getting my point across. The video’s I use are British and shown in the middle of the day on TV in Britain it’s not gory by any means but they do have video’s with kids being hurt during accidents which will effect even the most hard hearted of us. The Brits in my class would give us insight of the video’s and approximately 90% of my American students would say they wished we showed video’s like this back in the states.


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