OSHA Requires 18 Safety Plans–Do You Have Yours?

A Pennsylvania company was recently cited for 38 serious violations with a penalty of $50,750. The serious violations included failure to develop energy control (lockout/tagout) and hazard communication programs. Failure to have a written hazard communication program and an energy control program have consistently been in the top 10 of OSHA’s most frequently violated standards in general industry for the last several years.

In addition to these two programs, OSHA requires an as many as 16 additional safety plans or programs depending on your type of operation. These safety plans or programs include the following:

  1. Asbestos compliance program 1910.1001
  2. Bloodborne pathogens exposure control plan 1910.1030
  3. Confined Space program 1910.146
  4. Electrical wiring design and protection program 1910.333(b)
  5. Emergency action plan 1910.38
  6. Fire prevention plan 1910.39
  7. Fire brigades written procedures 1910.156
  8. Grain handling written housekeeping program 1910.272
  9. Hazardous substances written program to reduce exposures below the PEL 1910.1017-1910.1018, 1910.1025-1029, 1910.43-45, 1910.1047-1910.1048, 1910.1050-1910.1052
  10. HAZWOPER safety and health program 1910.120(b)
  11. Mechanical power press written procedures 1910.217
  12. Noise/Hearing conservation program 1910.95
  13. Portable fire extinguishers, fire safety policy 1910.157
  14. Powered platforms emergency action plan 1910.66
  15. Process safety management plan 1910.119
  16. Respiratory protection program 1910.134

Written safety plans will help you comply with workplace safety laws, prevent worker productivity losses due to occupational injuries and illnesses, and reduce workers’ compensation and related litigation costs. Effective safety plans depend on the credibility of management’s involvement, inclusion of employees in safety and health decisions, rigorous worksite analysis to identify hazards and potential hazards, stringent prevention and control measures, and thorough training.

To prevent OSHA fines, protect your employees, and to make your job easier, Safety.BLR.com has over 70 customizable prewritten safety plan templates and more than 150 associated forms.

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Note: BLR does have some great Safety Compliance Programs which you can use “out of the box”! ~ Jack

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