CBS 2 Investigators Expose Halloween Hazards – Faulty Flashlight Purchased At Chicago Area Target Stores Causes Fire In 3-Year-Old’s Bedroom

These Halloween flashlights sold at Target stores are fire hazards.

It was supposed to be a special gift to make Halloween a little more safe and fun for one local family, so why did it almost start a fire in their home? CBS 2 has the exclusive story about the potential dangers of toys targeted for Trick-or-Treaters as 2 Investigator Dave Savini investigates a Halloween Hazard.

Three-year-old Emily Pavoni has no idea how close she came to being seriously injured because of a Halloween toy flashlight.

“It burned a hole through here (the sheets) and burned the pillow,” says Emily’s mother Brandi Pavoni.

Brandi Pavoni of Midlothian says her youngest daughter Emily was playing with the flashlight in the dark until she fell asleep.

Brandi says she turned it off and left it next to her daughter in the bed, but a few minutes later she ran to the room when she smelled something burning.

“It burned right through everything and it was smoking,” Brandi said.

A metal spring at the end of the handle got so hot it melted through the plastic and scorched the bed, scaring Emily.

Brandi says the flashlight was purchased from a bargain bin at the Target store in Crestwood. She tried to alert the local store but she says, “They had nothing at all to say.”

After getting no explanation at the store, Brandi phoned Target’s corporate office.

“I was very upset because I think children’s’ toys should be safe,” Brandi said.

She also claims Target officials only seemed to want to know what she was hoping to get out of reporting the incident.

That’s when she contacted the CBS 2 Investigators because she says all she wants is to warn the public.

“If something were to happen to her, I don’t know what I would do,” Brandi said.

The mother of four says she never imagined these flashlights marketed for little children would be dangerous, but the 2 Investigators found this isn’t the only report of a Halloween flashlight sold at Target to burn recently.

The flashlight in the Pavoni case was sold for $2.50 and is called a “Flashlight with Stencil”. It comes with six stencils to make spooky images like a ghost and a witch.

With Halloween around the corner, customers want to know why they haven’t been notified about the flashlights in question. In fact, at a Target in Oak Lawn, the 2 Investigators found some of them are still on store shelves.

Last week, the 2 Investigators also found another set of Halloween mini-flashlights still displayed in the bargain bins of some Target stores, even though they also allegedly started to burn and smoke, according to a report on a consumer website.

It is clear that Target has taken internal steps to ban the continued sale of both of these flashlights because when we tried to buy them at the Crestwood and Oak Lawn Target stores, the computers listed them as “Do Not Sell” items.

Since Target is no longer selling the items, Brandi Pavoni wants to know why there is no nationwide warning on the Target website about the flashlights for customers who already purchased them.

“I don’t want to see anyone else get hurt,” Brandi said. “I mean, it was a close call with us.”

CBS 2 checked Target’s website and found no mention of either flashlight burning or any explanation as to why they have “Do Not Sell” orders placed on them now.

Target officials say customer safety is a priority and they voluntarily removed both flashlights from sale in all of their stores through a market withdrawal on October 1st.

They did not answer questions as to why they haven’t posted a warning on their website for the customers who already bought them.

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