OSHA Seeks Input on New Record-keeping Rules at Stakeholder Meeting In Chicago on June 3, 2010

29 CFR Part 1904

OSHA will hold two stakeholder meetings on its record-keeping rules. With a meeting set for May 25 in Washington D.C. and another on June 3 in Chicago, the agency plans to gather information from stakeholders to help modify its current injury and illness record-keeping regulation and develop a modernized record-keeping system.

“These informal stakeholder meetings and written comments from stakeholders will help give OSHA direction to develop innovative ideas that will allow employers, workers and researchers to participate in improving occupational safety and health through the use of occupational injury and illness data,” said Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA Dr. David Michaels.

To register to participate in the meetings, visit https://www2.ergweb.com/projects/conferences/osha/register-datacollection.htm or send a request to: Eastern Research Group Inc., 110 Hartwell Ave., Lexington, MA 02421; Attention OSHA Data Collection Process Stakeholder Meeting Registration.

For further information, see the Federal Register notice at http://s.dol.gov/37.

In addition, OSHA is requesting information and comments on occupational exposure to infectious agents in healthcare settings, including hospitals, outpatient clinics, school clinics and correctional facilities, and settings such as laboratories that handle potentially infectious biological materials, medical examiner offices and mortuaries. The comments are due by Aug. 5, 2010.

OSHA is interested in strategies currently being deployed in healthcare and related work settings to mitigate the risk of work-acquired infectious diseases. As such, OSHA would like to collect information and data on the facilities and the tasks potentially exposing workers to this risk; successful employee infection control programs; control methodologies being utilized (including engineering, work practice, and administrative controls and personal protective equipment); medical surveillance programs; and training.

OSHA will use the information received in response to this request to determine what action, if any, the agency may take to further limit the spread of occupationally-acquired infectious diseases in these types of settings.

More information on the request for information and how to submit comments is available in today’s Federal Register notice at http://s.dol.gov/38.

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