New! XploSafe Launches XPell – Ground-Breaking Peroxides Prevention Product

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XploSafe Launches XPell – Ground-Breaking Peroxides Prevention Product

Stillwater, Ok, July 25, 2010 – XploSafe LLC today announced the launch of XPell, a novel product that indicates and prevents the formation of peroxides in organic solvents. XPell takes away the need for periodic testing and disposal of peroxide forming solvents and provides:

  • Improved laboratory safety and prevention of peroxide related explosions/accidents
  • Increased efficiency by increasing the usable life of solvents
  • Significant cost savings from less frequent purchase and disposal of unstable solvents
  • Improved chemical analyses – by eliminating stabilizers and traces of peroxides that can complicate trace analysis

“XPell exemplifies our commitment to providing innovative technologies to solve critical safety problems,” said Dr. Allen Apblett, President and founder of XploSafe LLC.

XPell is inert to the solvents and is a simple, effective and inexpensive solution for university chemistry labs, analytical labs, pharmaceutical labs, manufacturers, smaller chemistry labs and hazardous waste disposal companies. It is an inorganic material that is insoluble in organic solvents and therefore causes no contamination. The pellets are dark blue and will change to yellow or white when exhausted so there is always a clear indication of solvent safety. If pellets do change color due to solvent autoxidation, the addition of more XPell will return the solvent to a safe condition.

XPell is available in a convenient bottle containing 80 grams (sufficient for treating up to 8 L of solvent) for $45.00/bottle. For more information or to place an order, call 405 334 5720, email or visit

About XploSafe LLC

XploSafe, LLC is a provider of critical safety solutions for Homeland Security and Laboratory Safety. Our innovative technologies and products protect people that deal with explosive and unstable compounds. For more information please visit or call 405 334 5720.

Shoaib Shaikh

Chief Executive Officer

XploSafe LLC

Office  405 334 5720

Fax      405 744 7679


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