Understanding NFPA 70E and the Arc Flash Hazard Free Webinar

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This webinar will focus on the causes and consequences of arc flashes, the role of PPE (and FR clothing in particular), and recent and pending changes to NFPA 70E

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Working around electricity can be the most dangerous part of any job, and the effects of not performing the job safely can be life-altering. This webinar will examine the causes and consequences of arc flash, with emphasis on historical data, real accidents, body burn injury, and flame-resistant vs. non-flame resistant clothing.

Attendees will learn about current standards and enforcement, as well the pending revisions to NFPA 70E.
You will learn:

  • the dangers of non-FR clothing
  • the current state of compliance law and consensus standards
  • the hazard analysis and protective performance of FR clothing
  • key considerations to creating a successful FR program

Presenter: Scott M. Margolin, International Technical Director, Westex Inc.

Margolin has conducted or observed more than 3,000 flash fires and more than 1,100 electric arcs. He is a graduate of the University of Delaware, was a previously a firefighter, and spent ten years at a major chemical company working with FR fibers – the last four years leading their flash fire business.

3 thoughts on “Understanding NFPA 70E and the Arc Flash Hazard Free Webinar

  1. I fully support the spread of information about the dangers of arc flash and electrical injury. The correct clothing and knowledge of the dangers are essential for ANYONE dealing with electrical installation and I fully endorse your undertaking with this webinar.


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