Quick Tips − CSA 2010 Advice for Drivers

Changes are coming in December in CSA 2010, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration‘s new safety measurement program. One is changing “deficient” to “alert” when a motor carrier’s score in one or more BASIC categories is above the agency’s threshold for intervention; FMCSA said this is being done because feedback after Aug. 16, when it began giving carriers information about where they stand in each of the new CSA SMS’s Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs) based on roadside inspection data and investigation findings, indicated the display of SMS results should clarify that BASIC percentages above the threshold signify the carrier is prioritized for an FMCSA intervention and don’t imply a “safety rating” or safety fitness determination.

FMCSA also said it will:

  • Change the highlight color from red to orange
  • Improve the language to clarify that BASIC results signify the carrier is prioritized for an FMCSA intervention
  • Recalibrate the Cargo-Related BASIC by adjusting the cargo securement violation severity weightings based on input from experts
  • Modify the public display to show the SMS Cargo-Related BASIC violations only; the percentiles and intervention status will not be on public display

To learn more about CSA or subscribe to its RSS feed or e-mail list, visit this website.

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