Cadiveu Cites Recent Research Verifying Safety of Their Brazilian Blowout Products

SAO PAULO, Brazil, Dec. 7, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Cadiveu Brazil, one of the first companies to produce Brazilian Keratin Treatments, has always been committed to providing safe and effective products. Following the recent controversy surrounding formaldehyde use in salon treatments, Cadiveu has undertaken extensive testing, which has confirmed that the presence of measurable formaldehyde during a Cadiveu Brazilian Thermal Reconstruction application is significantly below OSHA‘s most stringent standards for safety over an eight hour period. For more information on this research, go to

Cadiveu Brazil does not sell products to Brazilian Blowout. Consequently, Brazilian Blowout’s recent statement citing Cadiveu as “the manufacturer of the Brazilian Blowout Professional Solution” is incorrect.

Prior to June 2010, Brazilian Blowout had sporadically purchased and repackaged products from Cadiveu Brazil. It is not possible for Cadiveu to make any declarations regarding the quality of repackaged products. Additionally, Cadiveu Brazil cannot make any safety claims about any of the Brazilian Blowout products.

Cadiveu products are safe for use in salons. We continue to ask salon professionals to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and adhere to safe working practices while providing keratin straightening services.

Cadiveu is a Brazilian brand of hair care cosmetic products present in more than 30 countries. It provides treatments for transformation, reconstruction, styling and maintenance of the hair. Its rapid and continuous growth is attributed primarily to the innovation and quality of the products that are developed with ingredients of the highest quality under the most stringent international quality standards. Pioneering, innovation, quality, social and environmental sustainability are the ingredients for the increasing success of Cadiveu products in the world’s most exclusive beauty salons. Please visit

SOURCE Cadiveu

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