Frito Lay Receives Not One, But Two Honors at its Jonesboro, Arkansas Facility

The PepsiCo‘s Frito Lay facility in Jonesboro was recently honored by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration and the U.S. Green Building Council.

On Tuesday representatives from each corporation traveled to Jonesboro to award Frito Lay managers with the “STAR” status in it’s Voluntary Protection Program and the LEED Gold Certification.

Boyce Sherrill, Frito Lay Technical Manager, says he and fellow staff are thrilled to receive this recognition.

“This was the first Frito Lay celebration where we were actually recognized by both OSHA and the U.S. Building Council. It was the first company wide celebration and it builds a part of Jonesboro’s legacy as an environmental leader.”

Sherrill says he and fellow employees at the Frito Lay facility work very hard when it comes to safety.

“For the VPP OSHA STAR award it took five hundred and thirty of our great employees to pull that feat off by working safely. By being concerned about each others safety and really doing a great job. And we’ve got a lot of great employees and we were happy to celebrate this event with them.”

Some key elements involved in VPP evaluations include management leadership, work site analysis, employee involvement, hazard recognition and control, and safety training.

Sherrill says they are equally proud of the recognition they have received from the U.S. Green Building Council for the company’s green efforts.

“From a green perspective, one of the things are site is really focused on is our drive to zero landfill waste. Years ago, if you look at all the waste that left our site, we had quite a bit that went to the landfill. And the efforts that we’ve taken at the site to really focus on recycling, reusing, reducing have really reduced the waste we send to the landfill, reducing our operating costs and we’re proud to say we’ve been able to deliver less that one percent landfill waste at the Jonesboro site.”

LEED is a nationwide program focusing on the design, construction and implementation of high performance green buildings.

The Jonesboro Frito Lay site is Arkansas‘ first food manufacturing site to receive the gold certification from LEED.

“From the LEED standpoint, it really goes to support the PepsiCo sustainability effort where we want to be really good environmental citizens. Supporting everything we can to reduce our resource conservation, to reuse and to recycle and we’ve got some great programs that we’ve implemented here that really makes us a site that shines.”

There are currently five hundred and thirty employees at the Jonesboro Frito Lay facility.

For more information about Frito Lay, you can log onto their website.


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