Fire Prevention News: Weekly Roundup – 9/1/2011

  1. Campaigns / Other Fire Prevention Efforts
  2. Campus Fire Safety
  3. Inspections/Code enforcement
  4. Smoke Alarms
  5. Sprinklers
  6. Wildland Fire Safety
  7. Other Fire Safety News
  8. Smoke Alarm Saves
  9. Sprinkler Saves
  10. International News

Links to Fire Prevention-related news articles – Updated 08/29/2011

Campaigns/ Other Fire Prevention Activities

  1. Fire alarm, inspection program hits county State Fire Marshal Larry Flowers lifts Dalton Thurston, 9, to test a newly installed smoke alarm Monday in the home of his grandfather, Fred Yingling, lower right. Also pictured are Scioto Township Fire Chief Dan Newberry, right, and Hank Kauffman,…
  2. Quincy Fire Department offers help for fire prevention The Quincy Fire Department is more than eager to teach you and your kids the importance of fire safety and prevention. Depending on what materials are involved in a fire, a fire can double in size every one to three minutes. And a house is filled with
  3. Children’s Museum gets fire safety house The Children’s Museum of Memphis received a very special gift from The Assisi Foundation of Memphis: a Surrey Fire Safety House. The trailer was delivered to the museum on August 24 and is prominently displayed in front of the property.

Campus Fire Safety

  1. BU resident assistants learn fire safety Our Melissa Kakareka attended an RA fire safety training session and tells us what the students learned about keeping their cool when things heat up.
  2. Student Safety 101: College campus tips Whether you’re making popcorn for a dorm movie night or trying to cook a nice meal for your roommate, remember that only working smoke alarms tell you when there is a problem. Test your smoke alarms monthly and install them outside all sleeping areas, …
  3. Smoke detectors, sprinklers and doors save lives in dorm fires
  4. MU works to maintain campus fire safety The fire, which engulfed the room in one minute and 35 seconds, was used to show the importance of fire safety. After a candle fire in 1999 led to the death of a student, MU began cracking down on fire safety. Although campus fires are now at a low,
  5. RAs Learn Fire Safety at Binghamton University

Inspections / Code enforcement

  1. Nothing to report

Smoke Alarms

  1. Free smoke alarms for Baltimore residents who call 311 Baltimore City residents can now call 311 to request free smoke alarms for their homes, under a new federally funded initiative to help prevent fire-related deaths and destruction.
  2. No Working Fire Alarms in Schools Dunloe Elementary School, Madison Elementary School, North Middle School and South Middle School are getting smoke detector and fire alarm upgrades.
  3. Smoke alarm warning after grill blaze Following the incident, the fire service is to target homes in the area to remind residents about fire safety and tell them about free home checks that are available. The service includes fitting smoke alarms for free to homes that need them.


  1. Sprinklers demonstrate their valueCarroll County, Maryland
  2. Sprinkler Systems Putting out More Fires In 2010, these sprinklers saved 81 structures, which is up from 78 in 2009. But no matter what the statistics show, Christine says she’s already convinced these sprinklers save lives. Members of the Rochester Fire Department say these sprinklers first …
  3. Roscoe repeals ordinance on small buildings’ sprinklers The restrictions now will be in line with the International Fire Code, which doesn’t require sprinklers in certain buildings smaller than 5000 square feet. Village officials hope the change will help attract small businesses to Roscoe.

Wildland Fire Safety

  1. Help make your home less vulnerable to fire In light of the continuing wildfires and drought, it seems most appropriate to discuss Firewise Landscaping and how this relates to you and your home. Few of us have the opportunity to start fresh on our landscape, but each of us can adopt safety
  2. Get Healthy Carson City: Are you ready for fire season? … in a dry climate means that we have to be vigilant about fire safety . Tim Rochelle is a Wildland Fuels Management Officer with the Carson City Fire …
  3. Fire-prevention teams spread tips on drought, burn ban throughout Central An order banning all private burning started Wednesday, enacted by State Fire Marshal H. Butch Browning and Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain. The order, which will remain in effect until rescinded, includes Allen, Avoyelles,
  4. How to maintain a wildfire-resistant home Northwest Austin near Capital of Texas Hwy. and US 183 is a prime location for urban wildfires to start and spread quickly, said Lt. Josh Portie of the Austin Fire Department, which has been going door-to-door to raise fire safety awareness.
  5. Federal study: ‘Intense’ forest thinning best way to ease catastrophic wildfires West said that seeing different groups come to the table to work on future fire prevention gives him hope for the future. “We won’t see major growth for the next 15 to 20 years, but at least our children will have the type of forest I grew up with,”

Other Fire Safety News

  1. 9/11 brought changes to skyscrapers and high-rises “We like to think of not using elevators in fire emergencies as one of the most successful public education campaigns in history,” said Jason Averill, a fire safety expert with the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
  2. Vision 20/20 Launches Video to Help Departments Promote Fire Prevention A new impact video for fire departments to use in promoting fire safety in their communities is available from Vision 20/20’s web site “Community Risk Reduction” details successful programs over the past three
  3. This Labor Day weekend, work toward outdoor cooking safety “While most counties still have burn bans, some have gotten sufficient rain and have lifted those bans, but everyone should still be vigilant when it comes to outdoor cooking fire safety.” Counties have stiff fines for people who engage in any outdoor
  4. Fire departments remind citizens to stay cautious during dry conditions Heat related conditions such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke are serious and area residents are encouraged to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. In case of emergency, call 911.
  5. Grill Safety Fire safety officials advise keeping the grill at least five to ten feet from your residence. You also want to make sure it is not sitting on something that won’t easily catch fire, like a wood deck. They say it’s up to you to make sure you are using…
  6. Shore readies for storm Power outages could affect the area even further during the storm, and the Maryland State Fire Marshal urged residents Wednesday to use flashlights instead of candles, if possible, and to proceed cautiously if using and refueling a portable generator.
  7. Milford fire chief offers tips to prepare for hurricanes – Touhey does not recommend candles as they are a fire hazard . “Instead, stick to battery-operated flashlights,” he said. People are also asked to be aware of objects in their yard. It is a good idea to “secure lightweight objects in your yard. …
  8. Being prepared for a storm; safety tips from fire marshal Discard any foods that have been contaminated by raw meat juices. Dispose of soft or melted ice cream for quality’s sake. For questions regarding storm preparation or, other fire safety topics contact the New Canaan Fire Marshal’s Office at

Smoke Alarm Saves

  1. Lessons from a house fire A 71-year-old Thurston County woman escaped from her burning, single-story cabin just in time recently when she was awakened from a nap by her smoke detector .
  2. Redwood City woman, dog escape early morning fire A woman escaped a two-alarm fire at her Redwood City home this morning after a smoke alarm woke her up
  3. 2 escape burning home in western Louisville Two people got out of a burning home after smoke detectors alerted them Monday morning in western Louisville.
  4. Fire Causes $100K In Damage, Injures Firefighters The smoke alarms alerted the residents to the fire and all of them were able to escape. Fire officials say it took about 20 minutes to extinguish the bulk of the fire.
  5. Alarm alerts family to blaze in home The home’s residents were alerted when their smoke detector went off, county fire officials said. At 1:44 am, firefighters were called to 35 Hatton Drive for a blaze
  6. Flossmoor family escapes house fire Smoke detectors alerted the family to the fire so all were able to get out safely, but the home was extensively damaged, the chief said.
  7. Smoke detectors credited with saving family – Smoke detectors are being credited for saving a Three Rivers family early this morning. Flames broke out at a home on the 1200 block of 5th Street just after midnight. The family had evacuated by the time the fire …
  8. Small stovetop fire quickly put out Smoke detectors alerted neighbors to a small fire inside a mobile home Wednesday morning at the West Road Mobile Home Park.
  9. Family escapes Fryeburg house fire Sheaff said smoke detectors woke the family up. The call came in around 3 am The garage was completely destroyed, as was the roof of the house
  10. West Bloomfield Family Escapes Unharmed after Fire Starts in Basement A West Bloomfield family escaped unharmed after smoke alarms alerted family members to an early-morning fire today that started in the basement of the home in
  11. Daytona Beach homeowner, pets escape after smoke detector alerts to fire The homeowner was in the rear bedroom, right next to the kitchen, asleep when she was alerted by the smoke detector and smell of smoke.
  12. Lightning suspected in house fire Amber Long told 24-Hour News 8 she, her daughter and their three dogs were asleep in the home when the smoke alarms began sounding.
  13. Woman escapes fire at North Anston home She had been woken by the smoke alarm in the property and managed to escape.
  14. Woman, grandson escape Taft house fire A woman and her grandson escaped a fire that seriously damaged the woman’s Taft home this morning, according to Orange County Fire Rescue. The woman heard her smoke alarm about 9:20 am at her home in the 400 block…
  15. Early morning fire destroys four-plex He was awakened by his smoke alarm and saw fire visible in and above his residence. He evacuated and woke up the tenant that lived directly below him.

Sprinkler Saves

  1. Alert Employee and Single Sprinkler Save the Day – Office Fire Contained; Alert Employee and Single Sprinkler Save the Day In a matter of minutes, firefighters were on scene and Deputy Chief Ron Mullen said the fire was already squelched thanks to the hard work of a lone sprinkler .

Fire Prevention News: International

  1. Praise for South Essex Homes’ approach to tower block fire safety The Government’s leading Fire & Rescue Adviser, Sir Ken Knight, visited residents of a tower block in Southend this week to mark the completion of the first stage of a £3m fire safety project. In one of the first visits of its kind, Sir Ken inspected
  2. The absence of working smoke detectors a silent killer – The Rupert Hotel jury, all of them ordinary people drawn from the community, devoted an entire section of its extensive recommendations to enforcement and specifically urged “a greater enforcement for non-compliance with the fire code . …
  3. Fire officials to ramp up smoke detector policy “The Fire Marshal is sending the message to municipalities across Ontario that his is going to be on the forefront for a while.”

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