TSA Agent Confiscates Cupcake



It’s a hazard to your diet and — now to national security? One woman is saying a TSA agent confiscated her dangerously delicious red velvet cupcake after deeming its frosting questionable.


Here’s Fox News. 


“If you think airport security has gotten a little overboard then this is the icing on the cake. Literally. A Massachusetts woman claiming a TSA agent confiscated her cupcake because the frosting was a security risk. It happened at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. The agent said the frosting violated the TSA’s policy against gels…(scoffs).”


The cupcake was packaged in a glass jar with a metal lid — which attracted the metal detector.


Boston’s WCVB visits the baker who says — there’s no gel in that jar — just your regular ol’ cake, filling and frosting. It also talks to cupcake owner Rebecca Hains — who says she still can’t believe what happened.


WCVB: “The bakers at Cohasset’s Wicked Good Cupcakes never thought their delights could cause such a disruption.” 

Baker: “A diet threat, maybe… [laughs].”

WCVB: “And although the inconvenience spared her a few hundred calories…”

Rebecca Haines: “They stole my cupcake. Maybe he was hungry…”

WCVB:  “Rebecca would like an explanation from the TSA.” 

Rebecca Haines: “It’s not really about safety. It’s about making people follow rules that really, I think, to the average travelers, seem arbitrary and encroaching on our civil liberties.”


And a writer for conservative blog Hot Air points out another issue with the cupcake confiscation…


“The incident … underscores an agency-wide flaw, namely the TSA’s wild inconsistency in flagging prohibited items. On [her] outgoing flight from Boston’s Logan International Airport earlier in the week, she was waved through security with two cupcakes in her possession.”


And finally, in a piece for Boing Boing, the cupcake owner pokes fun at the dessert’s inherently dangerous nature.


“CLEARLY [the agent] is in the right, because unbeknownst to him, when I had previously opened one of these marvelous cupcakes on the flight from Boston, everyone’s safety was jeopardized. There was pandemonium among my hunger-crazed fellow travelers: Everybody wanted one.” 


The TSA has said the agency is launching an investigation into the matter — saying cakes and cupcakes are normally always allowed past security checkpoints.


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