Fire Prevention News: Weekly Roundup – February 14, 2012

  1. Campaigns / Other Fire Prevention Efforts
  2. Campus Fire Safety
  3. Inspections/Code enforcement
  4. Smoke Alarms
  5. Sprinklers
  6. Wildland Fire Safety
  7. Fire safety tips and reminders
  8. Other Safety News
  9. Smoke Alarm Saves
  10. Sprinkler Saves
  11. International News

Links to Fire Prevention-related news articles – Updated 02/13/2012

Campaigns/ Other Fire Prevention Activities

  1. Take Action for Smoke Detector Safety – The National Fire Prevention Association says 62% of fire deaths happen in homes with no working smoke detectors. So we went to the neighborhood and asked people to let us see if their detectors were working. Phil Pilkington, wouldn’t let us inside but …
  2. Operation Save-A-Life – ABC 7 Chicago, the Chicago Fire Department, Kidde (a global leader in fire and safety products), and Home Depot are proud to present “Operation Save-A-Life,” a public awareness campaign targeting fire safety and prevention.
  3. Local Moms group organizes county-wide fire safety awareness and fundraising … a local group of over 300 moms in Fairfield County, have organized a county-wide fire safety awareness and fundraising event called A Show of Support, which is designed to provide solidarity for the Badger family and others who have …
  4. National Burn Awareness Week: It doesn’t take a fire to burn a child … FIRE and fire officials are determined to promote fire safe behaviors and decrease the number of burn injuries,” said Tonya Hoover, State Fire Marshal.
  5. Students learn about fire safety through new program Students at Springer High School will learn the ends and outs of fire safety through the school’s new Junior Fire Marshal program.
  6. A special grant is helping hearing-impaired Iowans get visual … We’ve heard it before, smoke detectors save lives. The beeping alarm is the first line of defense against a smoldering fire , for those who can hear it.

Campus fire safety

  1. Fire Safety Education Resources Available for University and … When we looked into it, we had a difficult time finding resources that RAs could use for fire safety, so we set out to create them.
  2. Fires raise concern about emergency preparedness among college students –  “Here in Massachusetts, we teach students, starting as young as kindergarten all the way to high school about basic fire safety ,” she said. However, “College students come from all across the country, so we don’t know what education they have received.

Inspections / Code enforcement

  1. ‘Sky lanterns’ get another look after South Shore fire chiefs raise concerns – Blanchard has said the devices are a serious fire hazard and he would like to see a statewide ban enforced. The lanterns, which consist of small paper balloons propelled by hot air from a candle or a piece of fuel, have been used for years to create …
  2. Madison County Commission delays creating full-time fire marshal position – Madison County Commissioner Faye Dyer questioned whether the county should be taking on a state fire marshal responsibility.
  3. Irving firefighters say cuts put them and the public at risk – Firefighters also say budget cuts are responsible for a backlog of fire code inspections. Firefighters say 43 percent of Irving’s buildings have not been inspected in more than two years, and 15 percent have not been inspected in over five years …
  4. Vacant fire hazard next target for City Council – A solution is still being sought for a vacant house considered a fire hazard at 210 S. Park St. in Streator. David Fussell, the city’s vacant building code enforcement officer, reported the city will not be so fast to accept a quit-claim deed offered …
  5. Fire Code Amended to Ban Grills on Balconies on Any Structure – The board of county supervisors heard amendments to a chapter of the fire prevention and protection section of fire code . Prince William County’s Fire Marshal’s Office determined a need for a greater level of fire safety regulation …
  6. Mpls Moves to Shut Down Apartments for Code Violations –  A group of Minneapolis apartments that has been around for more than 30 years will be shut down by the end of the month for fire code violations. Ten people live above Lee’s Liquor Lounge on Glenwood Avenue. Nearly half the tenants help pay off their ..

Smoke Alarms

  1. One Family Explains the Importance of Smoke Detectors – Down the road, Melinda and Joseph Arnaud take fire safety very seriously in their mobile home . They even bought extra smoke detectors. This is one thing that Assistant Fire Chief Jeremy Holloway would love to hear. He wants detectors in everyone’s home …
  2. Mind Your Smoke Detectors – Let’s keep the town of Sullivan and Madison County fire fatality-free. Replace your smoke detector every 10 years, keep the batteries changed at least twice a year, and install one detector on each floor of your house.
  3. An ounce of prevention – There is no doubt having a working smoke alarm saved the families lives. Two fire alarms were located in the mobile home, one was working, one was not, but given the small space, the one that was working made all the difference in the world.
  4. Smoke alarms put to the test – Smoke detectors save lives, plain and simple. They can give you precious seconds when time matters most “In a fire every minute counts,” states Lt. Keith Smith of the Lexington Fire Department. There are so many types to choose from, and selecting an ..
  5. A special grant is helping hearing-impaired Iowans get visual … We’ve heard it before, smoke detectors save lives. The beeping alarm is the first line of defense against a smoldering fire , for those who can hear it.


  1. Sides prepare to support, fight sprinkler mandate for new homes – And with news that Illinois State Fire Marshal Larry Matkaitis will soon formally ask a General Assembly committee to impose the rule statewide, both sides are getting ready to make their voices heard. Saletta, a member of the fire marshal’s advisory …
  2. City may push state fire-sprinkler law – The city of Marina may ask California voters to decide whether to require fire sprinklers in small residential care homes. The Nov. 5 deaths of five developmentally disabled residents in a late-night fire that swept through a Marina …
  3. Businessman says sprinkler ordinance dampening development – Curlee asserted that most cities go by the state fire code . Arnold said Cartersville and Dalton have fire codes similar to Rome’s. Curlee said Monday night he is still not happy with the ordinance.
  4. Multiple thefts of fire sprinkler parts in Olympia endanger safety – Thieves have made off with fire sprinkler connectors at four Olympia buildings in the past week, endangering property and safety. “People that take life-safety equipment away are just bad people,” Olympia Fire Chief Larry Dibble said.
  5. Residential sprinkler systems gaining popularity –  When you look around his home , it’s easy to see Logan’s passion for fire safety . With 45-years in the fire service, Logan knows first-hand the benefit of fireproofing a home . House fires strike without warning and spread quickly.
  6. Demonstration shows importance of working sprinkler systems –  The message was simple and twofold: Residential sprinkler systems can hold a fire at bay and sometimes extinguish the blaze in just a few seconds – and in so doing, those sprinklers save lives. Fire can take hold quickly in a home, and can change your …
  7. FIRE CHIEF TESTIFIES IN ANNAPOLIS ON BENEFITS OF SPRINKLERS The Residential Sprinkler Law was phased in over a 5-year period and was fully in … three fires in Prince George’s County were extinguished by sprinklers.

Wildland Fire Safety

  1. Officials readying for wildfires – A team of fire prevention experts from the forestry commission, Florida Forest Service, the National Park Service, US Fish and Wildlife and local agencies is coming to Glynn and surrounding counties in the coming weeks to prepare the region for the …
  2. New Fire Maps: Are You at Risk? – Over 5000 buildings–mostly houses–are in new fire hazard zones in Mission Viejo. Is your home one of them? By Peter Schelden Thousands of Mission Viejo homes rest within very high fire danger areas, according to new maps drafted by state firefighters …


Safety tips and reminders

  1. Know the drill: Practicing fire escapes at home can save lives – In this file photo, Camay Guillory, second from left, and her children look at what’s left of their rural Douglas County home after a fire destroyed the house
  2. National Burn Awareness Week: It doesn’t take a fire to burn a child … FIRE and fire officials are determined to promote fire safe behaviors and decrease the number of burn injuries,” said Tonya Hoover, State Fire Marshal.
  3. Keep homes free of clutter for fire safety, Reading officials advise – He stressed the need for working smoke detectors . “Working smoke detectors can save lives. Have a fire escape plan, and practice your escape plan. Unlike a football game, you won’t have another chance next week,” Iaeger said. “Also, watch cooking and …
  4. Fire Prevention Tips, Residential Sprinkler Systems –  Fire Prevention Officer for Norfolk County Ken Sheridan admits the system can be expensive but he says it’s worth the investment. Sheridan says it probably costs the same amount to install a sprinkler system in your home as it would for new carpets.
  5. Kilogramme completes fire safety films – Manchester animation house Kilogramme has produced three short animated films as part of a fire safety campaign run by the London Fire Brigade and smoke alarm manufacturer FireAngel. Kilogramme designed and animated the films, starring a dog named …

Other Safety News

  1. Fire ‘firsts’ that are making news
  2. Cooking fires a growing problem in region – Pittsburgh
  3. How the Local Fire Department Influences Insurance Rates – Homeowner Fred Grunder only lives a few miles from the Preston L. Yancey Fire Department; a facility that is now more equipped to fight fires. He hopes to save hundreds on home insurance. One neighborhood held homeowner’s association meetings to talk …
  4. Surveys will help fire safety score –  The Clearfield Borough Volunteer Fire Department will be sending surveys to all businesses in an effort to improve fire safety and lower fire insurance costs, announced Chief Todd Kling at last night’s council meeting.


Smoke Alarm Saves

  1. Smoking materials to blame for fire in Meriden – “This could have been a lot worse if it wasn’t for the smoke detector .”
  2. Smoke Alarm Saves Resident from Fire – “This is one of those occasions where a smoke alarm’s done its job and I really believe saved a life,” said Houston Fire Department Deputy Chief Terry Stone. “Would like to remind everybody to make sure their batteries are changed in their smoke alarms …
  3. Smoke detectors alert family to house fire –  A Newport family got safely out of their home Friday morning after smoke detectors alerted them to a heater fire, fire officials said. Newport Fire Department responded to a structure fire shortly before 8 am at 211 Clayton Dr. in the Riverwoods ..


Sprinkler Saves

  1. Sprinkler system helped save man’s life – Sioux Falls officials are crediting a 40-year-old sprinkler system for dousing a kitchen fire and possibly saving lives Tuesday night at a downtown apartment building. Fire Rescue crews were called to the River Tower …
  2. Sprinkler stops apartment fire –  A fire sprinkler activated inside a Parker apartment and stopped cold what could have been a worse kitchen fire, officials with South Metro Fire Rescue said. South Metro firefighters responded to the Stone Canyon apartments on Cottonwood Drive at 6:26 …
  3. Sprinkler system keeps fire from spreading at popular Aiea restaurant –  A sprinkler system kept fire from spreading at the Makino Chaya restaurant in Aiea Friday. Fire officials say the fire started just before 3 am in a plastic trash container in the kitchen. Investigators said it’s not clear what ignited in the trash …

Fire Prevention News: International

  1. Firefighters begin Highland fire safety tour – HIGHLAND firefighters are touring the region to urge people to protect their homes against fire.
  2. Humberside fire service to fit sprinkler systems in vulnerable people’s homes – Humberside Fire and Rescue Service is set to fit sprinkler systems in vulnerable people’s homes, it has been revealed. The brigade has teamed up with local NHS trusts and councils to begin rolling out the fire suppression systems in the houses of some
  3. Board urged to scrutinise fire service – Perthshire And the service has also been praised for its “substantial progress” in the change from a fire and rescue authority to one which emphasises fire prevention .
  4. Quakers Hill nursing home fire: sprinkler system report complete – AN AUDIT of NSW aged care homes with and and without sprinkler systems has been finalised, almost three months after the deadly Quakers Hill nursing home fire. It found only a third of aged care homes are fitted with sprinkler systems.
  5. Dorset fire chief calls for sprinklers as standard – Dorset’s chief fire officer has called for all new schools and care homes to be built with sprinkler systems. Darren Gunter says there should also be a national debate about fitting them in new domestic properties. In April 2011 the Welsh Government …
  6. Festive fire safety campaign helped save lives and money – Glasgow FIRE deaths, injuries and accidental fires during the festive period dropped to a five-year low, latest figures show. In 2010 a total of six deaths were recorded from December 1 to January 6, falling to one death this year.
  7. Stafford firefighters use bikes to reach high risk areas… cost effective way in which we can spread our fire prevention and safety messages to areas of the community that are normally difficult for us to reac

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