Fire Prevention News: Weekly Roundup – February 22, 2012

  1. Campaigns / Other Fire Prevention Efforts
  2. Campus Fire Safety
  3. Inspections/Code enforcement
  4. Smoke Alarms
  5. Sprinklers
  6. Wildland Fire Safety
  7. Fire safety tips and reminders
  8. Other Safety News
  9. Smoke Alarm Saves
  10. Sprinkler Saves
  11. International News

Links to Fire Prevention-related news articles – Updated 02/21/2012

Campaigns/ Other Fire Prevention Activities

  1. Florist to donate Valentine’s profits to fire safety – On a day when many florists stand to make a profit, one is using Valentine’s Day to donate money to promote fire safety. The owner of Sheehan’s Florist in Bucksport is donating $2 from every delivery fee Monday and …
  2. Roseville firefighters talk fire safety – Roseville firefighters hosted a fire prevention and safety assembly for Sargeant Elementary School students on Feb. 3. They told kids about the need for a working smoke detector in every room in the house.
  3. Smoke detector campaign saving lives Omaha had gone three years without a fire death, … said more than $100000 has been raised for “Operation Home Safe Outreach.
  4. Weymouth firefighters to teach residents to cook safely – “ FireWise is an innovative and compelling learning opportunity where the visitor experiences realistic fire scenarios to help them learn how to keep themselves safe.” The café at the station, which is run by Dorset County Council‘s Oh Crumbs team, …
  5. Survive Alive House has saved innumerable lives – The Survive Alive House , in the Hammond Area Career Center, is a profound proactive facility designed to promote fire safety . The instructional program presented therein is an exemplary, nationally recognized, life-saving fire education program
  6. Quilt raffle to aid fire safety program – Proceeds from the raffle will be used to buy fire safety education material. “It’s part of our public education program ,” City Fire Marshal Stan Smith said. “This is material we pass out during programs at schools, senior groups, and civic clubs.
  7. Firefighters Give Advice on Fire Safety – We spoke with officials at Steubenville Fire Department for tips on how to stay safe. Steubenville Assistant Fire Chief Sam Ivkovich says it is must to have a smoke detector on every floor of your house.
  8. Grant to boost fire education program – The New Bedford Fire Department was awarded $11300 for the FY ’12 Student Awareness of Fire Education (SAFE) Program by the State Department of Fire Services. “Our firefighters enjoy working closely with our …
  9. Officials Educate Parents, Children On Fire Safety Officials said at least 20 people were placed in temporary housing. To learn more about fire safety and prevention, contact Fire Stop educators at
  10. Lifesaving ‘stop, drop and roll’ effort refunded –  The New Bedford Fire Department has been awarded a state grant to continue a school-based fire education program that officials credit with dramatically reducing the number of child deaths from fires.

Campus fire safety

  1. Investigators seek public’s help in solving Drake Hall fire – La Crosse “It’s a safety issue,” UW-L Chancellor Joe Gow said. “That’s why we’re very eager to solve the mystery surrounding this fire.” With help from engineers, investigators have ruled out electricity as the cause.
  2. Fire prevention tips for popular UNC student residences – If a fire does happen, a smoke alarm , also called a smoke detector , could save lives by notifying residents of the blaze. Robert Maddry, fire marshal for Carrboro Fire-Rescue Department, explained that smoke alarm should be located on each level of the …

Inspections / Code enforcement

  1. City Pressures Apartment Owners on Fire Safety Life Safety Evaluations are required in buildings over eight stories that do not have a fire sprinkler system. Sprinklers are required in all high-rise …
  2. Emanuel wants higher fines for high-rises that aren’t fire-safe In an effort to pressure the owners of older high-rises to come into compliance with the city’s fire safety ordinance, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is proposing to …
  3. Builders won’t need to get approval on height of structures if … It doesn’t mean, however, that other county planning, zoning and fire code requirements don’t apply; every building goes through planning and zoning …
  4. Too close: How old housing codes pose fire threat – They are requiring sheet rock in most homes,” said Chief Sanders. If your home does not have a smoke alarm, you can call the Shreveport Fire Prevention hotline at…

Smoke Alarms

  1. Yew offers help with smoke detectors – Northern Virginia Numerous blazes have kept county firefighters busy this winter, and have highlighted how crucial properly placed and working smoke detectors are. Shenandoah County Department of Fire and Rescue Chief Gary …
  2. Tyler Fire Department begins 2012 Smoke Alarm Campaign — The Tyler Fire Department, in conjunction with the Rotary Clubs of Tyler, will kick off this year’s Smoke Alarm Campaign on Saturday, Feb 25, 2012.


  1. 10-15 fire sprinkler connectors stolen from Lacey commercial buildings – Fire District 3 reported Tuesday that thieves have taken 10-15 fire sprinkler connectors at commercial buildings in the area. The connectors are used to supply water from a fire engine to a building’s sprinkler system during a blaze.
  2. Fire safety award honours builder – A Carstairs builder and outspoken advocate for residential fire sprinklers has been honoured for his work promoting what he says saves lives. Murray Pound, vice-president of operations of Gold Seal Homes, recently received the Fire Sprinklers Save …
  3. New home fire sprinkler mandate in talks DeKalb City Manager Mark Biernacki said officials have discussed updating the fire code and expects public conversations to start this year.

Wildland Fire Safety

  1. It’s always fire season in Arizona The grasslands are dry, the forests are still dealing with decades of drought, there is never a time to lower your guard regarding fire prevention.
  2. As of Wednesday, it’s fire safety or else in Virginia – “If your fire burns down the neighbor’s home or barn, you could be liable for hundreds of thousands (of dollars in damages).” More than 40 percent of Virginia’s 1114 wildfires in Virginia in 2011 were caused by people burning trash or debris,
  3. Brace for bigger, hotter wildfires, expert warns He said “fire-smart” and “fire wise” programs need to be stepped up to better protect and educate communities and homeowners about fire prevention …


Safety tips and reminders

  1. These fire safety tips can save your life Fire safety in the home just takes a few minutes, and can avoid months of heartache in the case of displaced families who may suffer from an unwanted home …
  2. Firefighters offer pet fire safety tips – Two separate fires over the weekend left families devastated by the loss of pets. Now, firefighters are sharing advice that could help pet owners avoid a painful choice. Rural Metro Chief Jerry Harnish says animals can be just as vulnerable as people.
  3. Here are safety tips to help protect children from burns – During the week of February 5-11, Cal Fire is teaming up with fire departments across the country to highlight the fire risks and burn injury prevention during the winter months for National Burn Awareness Week. This year, fire officials are focusing ..
  4. Don’t let your love burn too hot: Practice fire safety – Create a simple, easy to understand escape plan that includes two exit routes from every room, and a safe meeting place outside your home . 3. Practice fire safety — To be good at something, you have to practice.
  5. Officials offer fire safety tips – Fort Belvoir Fire and Emergency Services personnel hosted a fire safety class at the North Post Fire Station on Sunday to educate Belvoir residents on fire safety measures. Among the topics reviewed were cleaning smoke detectors once a month, …
  6. Seniors: Fire safety tips at Silver Circle – Seniors 1. New York State law requires you to have both a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide (CO) detector in your home . 2. You need an emergency exit plan in place in the event of a fire. You should have two escape routes from every room.

Other Safety News

  1. FIRE SAFETY: Saving could mean being saved “In a structure fire, there’s lots of things that could happen,” Kamloops Fire Rescue’s chief fire-prevention officer told KTW. “There’s the smoke itself, …


Smoke Alarm Saves

  1. Smoke detector alerts Coach Rd. residents of fire A smoke detector may have saved the lives of some Tallahassee residents, according to Officer Travis Oaks with the Tallahassee Fire Department.
  2. Carbondale family saved by smoke alarm When the fire broke out, a woman and her two children were home. A smoke alarm alerted them to the fire, and they were able to escape without injury, …
  3. Smoke detector alerts family to house fire BEAUMONT – A smoke detector alerted a Beaumont family to a house fire and allowed them to safely escape, according to Capt. Earl White with the Beaumont …
  4. Neighbor: Smoke detectors saved family of nine from Hampden Township fire
  5. Fire marshal: Loveland couple escapes blaze thanks to smoke alarm –
  6. Snoozer ‘saved’ by smoke alarm … kitchen engulfed in flames was saved by his smoke alarm, firefighters say. … Crews from Tilehurst’s Dee Road and Newbury fire stations arrived within …
  7. Oregon City man escapes residential fire after being alerted by recently … – The Oregonian A recently installed smoke alarm is being credited with saving an Oregon City man’s life during an early morning fire .


Sprinkler Saves

  1. Fire sprinkler system saves life after occupant at apartment fire in Parker, CO, slept through the smoke alarm A kitchen fire in an apartment in Parker, CO, was extinguished by a fire sprinkler system, saving the life of the occupant who had slept through the smoke alarm. As reported by South Metro Fire Rescue Authority, firefighters responded to the Stone Canyon apartments at 6:26 a.m. on February 10th, to find that a single fire sprinkler had activated in the kitchen. The fire was completely out when they arrived, and the occupant and a cat were rescued from the smoky apartment. The victim was transported…
  2. Sprinkler System Averts Major Fire, YFD Says – A minor fire that could have turned into a big problem was extinguished by a Yankton firm’s sprinkler system Sunday morning. The Yankton Fire Department was summoned at approximately 1:20 am Sunday when it received a report of a fire alarm at Applied …
  3. Eden Prairie Fire Chief Hails “Sprinkler Save” – When a fire started in a closet in an Eden Prairie apartment, the result could have been devastating for the resident and neighbors. The city’s fire chief says a sprinkler saved the day. Chief George Esbensen says his department was called to the …

Fire Prevention News: International

  1. Sprinkler plan to tackle building fires – FIRE chiefs in Hampshire have backed widespread proposals seeking to extend the use of sprinklers , a system they say helps to save lives. The announcement is part of a report considered by the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority,
  2. Pizza parties for savvy fire safety kids Two local schools will get a free lunch this month for being tops in fire safety. The Grade 3 classes from McCallum School and Academie Ste.

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