It’s That Time of Year For Tornado Safety Training! Are You Ready?

Destructive Tornado in Tuscaloosa – Alabama 4-27-2011

Tornados are nature’s violent storms that appear suddenly and without warning. Tornadoes can strike anywhere at anytime, therefore, you need to be ready, know the drill and act quickly.

Download this Red Cross®  : Tornado Safety – Red Cross .pdf information booklet!

Know the Difference – What is a Tornado Watch? What is a Tornado Warning?

To identify the hazard level and what actions you should take, become familiar with the terms Tornado Watch vs. Tornado Warning.

Tornado Watch indicates conditions are favorable for a tornado and a tornado is possible.

Tornado Warning indicates that a tornado has been sighted or seen by the National Weather Service Doppler Radar and may be headed your way. TAKE COVER IMMEDIATELY!

Preparing for a Tornado – Does your family have a Tornado Plan?

Develop a safety plan for home, work, school and when outdoors. In buildings where your family spends time, know where the designated shelters are located. Make sure your family reviews and practices the plan at least once a year and especially on days when severe weather is forecast for your area. If you or a family member are disabled, develop an alternative plan and be sure to include items in your supply kit that will meet their special needs for at least a week or longer. Visit Ready.Gov website for a list of recommended items for an emergency supply kit.

Open buildings (shopping malls, gymnasiums or civic centers)
• Try to get into the restroom or an interior hallway. If there is no time to go anywhere else, seek shelter right where you are. Try to get up against something that will support or deflect falling debris. Protect your head by covering it with your arms.


• NEVER try to outrun a tornado. Get out of your vehicle and try to find shelter inside a sturdy building. A culvert or ditch can provide shelter if a substantial building is not nearby – lie down flat and cover your head with your hands. DO NOT take shelter under a highway overpass or bridge. Debris could get blown underneath the structure or the structure could be destroyed.


• Try to find shelter immediately in the nearest substantial building. If no buildings are close, lie down flat in a ditch or depression and cover your head with your hands.

Mobile homes

• DO NOT stay in a mobile home. You should leave immediately and seek shelter inside a nearby sturdy building or lie down in a ditch away from your home, covering your head with your hands. Mobile homes are extremely unsafe during tornadoes.

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