Another good insightful article on the safety profession by Phil LaDuke.

Phil La Duke's Blog

Note: I thought long and hard about writing what you are about to read.  Whenever I have taken issue with the self-congratulatory tone and self-righteous complacency that I see dangerously prevalent among safety professionals the ensuing storm of bile and abuse heaped on me has, at times, made me consider bagging it—stopping the blog, ending the speeches, and retiring from my gigs as a safety columnist.  But after more than a decade of decline the workplace death toll in the U.S. has risen.  In 2010, while some of you were jetting off to Brazil on your citizen diplomat boon-doggle an average of 13 workers died a day.  If you get offended by the truth; stop reading.  If you do read on, save us both time and aggravation and spare me your outraged venomous hate mail, I don’t want to hear it and all it does is convince me of the…

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