Fire Prevention News: Weekly Roundup – May 7, 2012


  1. Campaigns / Other Fire Prevention Efforts
  2. Campus Fire Safety
  3. Inspections/Code enforcement
  4. Smoke Alarms
  5. Sprinklers
  6. Wildland Fire Safety
  7. Fire safety tips and reminders
  8. Other Safety News
  9. Smoke Alarm Saves
  10. Sprinkler Saves
  11. International News

Links to Fire Prevention-related news articles – Updated 05/7/2012

Campaigns/ Other Fire Prevention Activities

  1. Stop, drop and roll into town: Hospital’s Fire Safety House will roll into Usually, where there’s smoke there’s fire. But for one day next week, where there’s smoke, there will be safety demonstrations. The public is invited to the free health fair. This is the second year for the health fair, and the first .
  2. Tragic Fire Death Amps Up Fire Safety Plan – – 72-year-old Alice Richardson’s tragic death may be almost a month old but her story has inspired Odessa firefighters to make their home fire safety program even bigger. “Since the last incident that we had regarding home oxygen therapy, …
  3. Firewise kids The Ashland library and Ashland Fire & Rescue are teaming up May 5-12 to promote fire safety for kids. “Firewise” week is designed to raise
  4. Kitchen Fire Safety Day: Saturday, May 5 – Come learn kitchen fire safety information and literally “feel the heat” of a kitchen fire at a community event on Saturday, May 5. KARE 11 is teaming up with fire fighters, fire marshals and inspectors from around Minnesota to teach community kitchen …
  5. Changing behavior; Fire Department captain teaches public how to prevent fires –  But last June, Nelson informally took responsibility over the Pocatello Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Office, the unit within the department tasked with doing all of the educational community outreach projects. In November, he was promoted to …
  6. Making Lowcountry Kids Safer Through “Safety Town” –  Dozens of families came out to Hilton Head High School Saturday, to take part in “Safety Town” a program sponsored by the Island Rotary Club. “Safety town is a project to teach small children principles of home safety, fire safety , as well as road and …

Campus fire safety

  1. Nothing to report

Inspections / Code enforcement

  1. Morrisville adds fine for altering sprinklers – “We have found that as more time is had between fire inspections , there is an increased likelihood of fire code violations.” In a 24-month inspection schedule, it was difficult for the department to enforce changes to the state law.
  2. Fatal arson incident prompts safety inspections at northwest Ohio apartment … Safety officials are inspecting more than 250 apartment and condominium buildings near Toledo following the March deaths of two people in a blaze at an apartment complex plagued by fires.
  3. Montgomery City Council: Proposal calls for fire department fees – Montgomery Fire Chief Harold Bellinger said it is not uncommon for inspectors to have to return to businesses three, four or even five times to get them to comply with fire codes . This non-compliance has cost the fire department thousands of dollars …
  4. City to create fire marshal position –  All new businesses also will undergo fire inspections in addition to the required property inspections, she said. “This is great for the city because fire prevention will be fully staffed. We can do more inspections and work on taking care of the ..
  5. Most High St. apartments get fire inspections – State fire code does not permit fire inspectors to conduct routine inspections on single-family residences or duplexes, officials said. However, if the rental unit shares a building with a business, the fire department can inspect it.
  6. More expensive homes with new building code? – At issue are a handful of energy upgrades that would require builders to increase the amount of insulation to basement walls and add fire sprinklers to every new house. Builders say the changes could add up to $20000 to the price of a new house, …
  7. Apartment inspection law improves safety but costs landlords, slows markets – In an effort to make sure the older rental units meet building requirements for safety in their community, Rockland enacted an ordinance in 2008 that requires that apartment buildings be inspected when they are in the process of being sold.

Smoke Alarms

  1. Functioning Smoke Alarms Best Defense Against Fire –  “Smoke alarms are the big issue, the number one point,” said Guy Swartout, deputy chief of the inspection and investigation branch of New York State’s Office of Fire Prevention and Control. “Most people that die in fires die from smoke inhalation and …
  2. Smoke detectors alert family to fire –  Now A fire Friday afternoon at a home in the 4300 block of Rhine River Dr. caused about $200000 in damage. But firefighters put the value of property and contents saved at $250000. The cause of the fire wasn’t immediately known. Crews from Kern County and …


  1. Sprinklers required in new Maryland homes –  The state joins Prince George’s County in requiring the installation of sprinkler systems in new homes. The law has been effect in the county for 20 years. A demonstration put on by the US Fire Administration’s National Fire ..
  2. Ban the Banners – Plumbing Engineer
  3. Should fire sprinklers be required in new homes? – The rooms are identical, but for one piece: a sprinkler head poking through the ceiling of one of the rooms. It’s peace of mind Cary and Susan Bergstrom know well having installed fire sprinklers while they were rebuilding after an electrical fire …
  4. Eau Claire firefighters put on sprinkler demonstration – It’s the only way that you’re going to get your family out safe in a house fire,” said National Fire Sprinkler Association’s Bob Kleinheinz. Wondering about the average cost? Kleinheinz says the price of labor may vary, but the average cost for a …
  5. GF Fire District #17 conducts live fire sprinkler demo – One was equipped with a fire sprinkler , the other was not. The purpose of setting these burn cells ablaze? To show the effectiveness of residential fire sprinklers and to educate the public on the dangers of home fires. “There’s nothing like the heat …
  6. Cape Coral, FL officials highlight the importance of home fire sprinklers A report by ABC affiliate WSVN informs that on Monday, April 23rd Island Harbor Construction and firefighters held a side-by-side demonstration to highlight the effectiveness of home fire sprinklers. Cape Coral Fire Department Fire Marshal Alan Carter said; “They are effective, they save lives. Bottom line, they are efficient.
  7. Sprinklers cost money, save lives –  Contrary to popular belief, the main purpose of a sprinkler system is not to put out the fire , but to allow enough time for the people to get out and hopefully save the structure, said Fire Chief Merrick Tassin of FD 4. The small structure flashed over …

Wildland Fire Safety

  1. Firewise kids The Ashland library and Ashland Fire & Rescue are teaming up May 5-12 to promote fire safety for kids. “Firewise” week is designed to raise
  2. Prevention tips for high fire danger – Even though we’re seeing some rain, is it enough to quench the dry forests and avoid wildfires? During the months of April and May wildfire potential is highest. Weather conditions are key factors in developing wildfires.
  3. Take steps now to protect your home from wildfire –  On May 12, the agencies will put on demonstrations of various thinning and fuel reduction methods that will improve the fire safety environment around your home and land. The event will be at Palisades Park and is part of the Palisades community’s

Safety tips and reminders

  1. Stove fire danger and safety tips that could save your life – Kitchen fires happen every day in Minnesota. Cooking is the leading cause of the state’s residential fires , more than heating, candles, smoking and arson combined. With that statistic in KARE 11 enlisted the help of the volunteer fire departments in …
  2. Develop, practice safe evacuation plan Each day this week the Courier News will run a story about Fire Safety. The information has been provided by the Middlesex County Board of Chosen …
  3. When trapped by fire, stay calm, think fast – Each day this week the Home News Tribune will run a story about Fire Safety . The information has been provided by the Middlesex County Board of Chosen Freeholders
  4. Summer Safety Tips on Fire, Ocean Can Save Lives – Remove overgrown plant material, especially exotic invasive species, in and around your home that can become a fire hazard . • Ensure a functioning fire extinguisher is in your home and garage. • Check in-home smoke detectors for working batteries.

Other Safety News

  1. Experts: Housing material in Carmel fire burns rapidly – Solomon said homeowners always should update fire prevention and protection plans. As code requirements change, he said, such as requiring battery backups for hard-wired smoke detectors, residents should consider retrofitting older homes.
  2. Juvenile Fire-Setting: Epidemic and Preventable –  Nearly 1200 juvenile-set fires occurred in Minnesota from 2007 through 2011 — and those, according to State Fire Marshal Jerry Rosendahl, were the ones in which evidence was undeniable. Many more such fires remain “undetermined” in origin.
  3. Electrical failures leading cause of in-home fire fatalities in Mass –  Preliminary data from the state Fire Marshal’s office shows 51 people killed by fire in Massachusetts during 2011, 40 of them in their homes. Locally, a Randolph couple was killed in their home by fire, two women from Brockton were killed in separate …


Smoke Alarm Saves

  1. Smoke Alarm Saves Brighton Township Trio From Fire – O’Brian said the smoke alarms saved the residents’ lives. The Brighton Area Fire Authority has been actively campaigning to ensure there is at least one working smoke detector in every home in Brighton, Brighton Township and Genoa Township by providing …
  2. Smoke alarm saves sleeping man, blind mom from house fire –  A man roused from slumber by a smoke detector was able to save his blind mother from a predawn fire that tore through their South Bay home Friday. The blaze on Minot Avenue in Chula Vista was reported at 5:15 am, Deputy Fire Chief Jim Garcia said.


Sprinkler Saves

  1. 1 severely burned in N. Vegas senior complex fire – The main fire was put out by sprinklers.


Fire Prevention News: International

  1. 15 Fire Prevention Tips Every Canadian Needs to Know – Canada Shine On But according to Fire Prevention Canada, a Canadian home catches fire every 30 minutes. That’s incentive enough to think about what we would do in the case of a fire — not to mention brush up on our fire safety savvy. So we sleuthed out 15 fire
  2. Firefighters going door-to-door – Failure to comply with the smoke alarm fire code requirements can result in a ticket of $235 or a fine of up to $50000. In conjunction with the program’s launch, Dominos Pizza locations in Mississauga are helping out the Canadian Fallen Firefighters …
  3. Fire safety standards could be included in proposed ‘landlord charter’ .Fire safety. standards could be included in a proposed charter of requirements for landlords and tenants in the private rented housing sector, …

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