The only thing I would add to this, is that the Safety person “MUST” be a hands on, on the floor type of person who is willing work with, and get to know his employees as well as earn their trust. They also need to know that you are approachable so that they don’t look at us as “the enemy, or cop on the beat.” When you include employees “as a part” of your safety program, and have them give safety talks, be a part of safety committees, etc.., you will indeed get excellent results. Once they begin to take ownership of their own safety, results will occur! I’ve done it this way, and it works! ~ Jack Benton

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Dear Victims of Workplace Fatalities:

I received your letter last week, and while nothing I say or do will ever erase your tragedy I do hope I can help you to understand the state of workplace safety today. I hope you can receive this in the spirit in which it is intended. First, you are right I am a safety guy, but I am not THE safety guy. The workplace is complex system, and as such, there aren’t any easy solutions to problems.
Most workplaces are intrinsically unsafe, and it is only through all of us working together actively trying to make it less dangerous that we can ever see any real improvements in safety.
You seem to think that I am indifferent to your death; I can assure you that is absolutely not the case. Every safety person that I know who has lost someone on his or her…

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