Fire Prevention Weekly Update – July 19, 2012


  1. Campaigns / Other Fire Prevention Efforts
  2. Campus Fire Safety
  3. Inspections/Code enforcement
  4. Smoke Alarms
  5. Sprinklers
  6. Wildland Fire Safety
  7. Fire safety tips and reminders
  8. Other Safety News
  9. Smoke Alarm Saves
  10. Sprinkler Saves
  11. International News

Links to Fire Prevention-related news articles – Updated 07/16/2012

Campaigns/ Other Fire Prevention Activities

  1. New Sioux City program aims to douse fire concerns -(South Dakota) Each year more than 2500 people die in US home fires , damage is estimated at about $7.3 billion. … It’s called S.A.F.E. ( Smoke Alarm For Every Home Program). It’s goal? Make sure everyone’s house has a working smoke alarm .
  2. After deaths, Davidson FD and foundation offer free detectors (North Carolina)
  3. Maryland Fire Marshal promoting home sprinkler systems
  4. Robotic Dog Teaches Fire Safety – (Wisconsin) If you noticed dozens of police cars, fire trucks and ambulances at Globe University Saturday, there wasn’t an emergency. It was actually the third annual Emergency Services Day. a


Campus fire safety

  1. No report 

Inspections / Code enforcement

  1. No report

Smoke Alarms

  1. Ohio Task Force Completes Smoke-Alarm Study – Ohio Task Force Completes Smoke-Alarm Study Fire Chief (Appeared in print as “A Clearer Picture Regarding Smoke Alarms”). I previously reported that Larry Flowers, the state of Ohio‘s fire marshal, had convened the Ohio Smoke Alarm Advisory Task Force to research and report on several issues concerning the …


  1. Officials wary of apartments that are without fire sprinklers (Texas) – “Under the code if a complex remodels or renovates at a cost that exceeds 50 percent of the building’s value they are required to update into a fire sprinkler ,” said Montgomery County Fire Marshal Jimmy Williams. “We obviously encourage complexes to …
  2. HFSC Calls on FDs to Help Dispel Sprinkler Myths – The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition is offering a $1000 stipend to help fire departments to have a new series of PSAs shown on their local TV stations, news websites and movie theaters. …
  3. OPINION: Tragic Woodbridge Fire Highlights Need For Sprinklers – (NewJersey)
  4. Multiple-Fatality Fire in Park Forest is Another Tragic Reminder of State’s Necessity for Updated Fire Protection Codes (Illinois)
  5. Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition seeks fire departments to help dispel fire sprinkler myths
  6. Home fire sprinkler debate: Should the market drive changes to safety codes? (Illinois) …reports that in January, Bloomington, IL aldermen rejected mandatory sprinkler installation, instead opting for the “mandatory option,” pushed by the Bloomington-Normal Area Home Builders Association. Guy DiCiaula, project manager for Kaisner Homes, claims that customers are turned off by the extra cost and that they don’t see the value. Mark Huber, Bloomington’s director of Planning and Code Enforcement, said he doesn’t think homebuilders are working very hard to market sprinkler…

Wildland Fire Safety

  1. Keep home safe with fire-wise landscaping – (Rapid City, SD) Fire-wise landscaping can play as important a role in the safety of a residence as the fire-resistant siding and roof for those living in wildland urban interfaces, according to Lt. Tim Weaver of the Rapid City Fire Department fire prevention division …


Safety tips and reminders

  1. How to use a fire extinguisher – ABC News video
  2. Barn fire prevention tips – Use these prevention and preparedness strategies to minimize the potential for fire on your farm.
  3. Some hot topics, great fire safety tips – Install smoke detectors ! Put one in each room and change batteries every six months. Also check them from time to time by pressing the button to be sure they are working. It is now California law to have carbon monoxide detectors. Install them low on …
  4. National Fire Organization Offers Tips for a Safe Vacation – When making your reservations, ask if the hotel or motel has smoke alarms and an automatic fire sprinkler system. When traveling, take a flashlight with you. Read the fire evacuation plan carefully. If one is not posted in your room, request one from …
  5. Series of house fires prompt safety tips (North Carolina) – He said residents who live in Davidson County and don’t have smoke alarms should contact his office. “We’ve got to make sure everybody has operating smoke detectors ,” Needham said. Every five years, the fire marshal said, homeowners should …
  6. Houston Fire Department issues warnings on dryer fires
  7. Officials: Fire safety shouldn’t take a vacation – The hot summer months often mean spending time at hotels, motels and resorts. Since there are an estimated 3900 hotel and motel fires reported throughout the United States each year, the U.S. Fire Administration and local Cal Fire officials are …

Other Safety News

  1. Beware: Leaky air conditioners can spark fires – Smoke detectors alerted the residents early. In each case, the drain line became clogged and a drainage … But in many condos, to save space, the water heater is underneath the air conditioning unit. When water dripped, it shorted the heater and …
  2. A little luck can go a long way
  3. Online Course Helps Demonstrate Impact of Fire Prevention – A new, free, online course for fire prevention practitioners will help them gain an understanding of how to demonstrate the value and results of fire prevention programs.
  4. Video: Special research unit stops fire with electricity, sound Traditional fire fighting techniques have relied on dousing flames with water or chemicals. But in an effort to fight fires in combat environments, DARPA has developed a groundbreaking technique where flames can be extinguished by using electricity and sound. But while the proof of concept has been established, the real challenge will be in bringing it to …

Smoke Alarm Saves

  1. 1 escapes mobile home fire – Working smoke detectors alerted the sleeping woman, which in turn saved her life.
  2. Smoke alarm credited with saving man’s life
  3. Family escapes Daytona Beach house fire thanks to smoke detector – A working smoke detector may have saved seven lives in Daytona Beach this morning. Daytona Beach firefighters say a mother woke up to the shriek of the alarm and discovered smoke in the house and flames in the room where three of her children were
  4. Smoke Detector Helps Save Family Near Edmond – A smoke alarm awakened a mother around 2 a.m. Friday when a fire broke out in her home between Edmond and Guthrie. The Oak Cliff Fire Department says the …


Sprinkler Saves

  1. Sprinklers Douse Brooklyn Park Kitchen Fire – When Brooklyn Park firefighters arrived at a home to fight a reported kitchen fire, they found the firefighting had already been done for them. They were called to a home in the 8800 block of Oregon Avenue …
  2. Sprinkler system contains basement fire at multi-family home (Stamford, CT)
  3. Kitchen fire extinguished by sprinkler system (Brooklyn Park, MN)


Fire Prevention News: International

  1. Hamilton metal thieves target fire safety systems – New Zealand Hamilton police and firefighters are astounded by greedy metal thieves who’ve been stealing from fire safety systems.



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