More good words of wisdom from Phil La Duke

The Safety Net

By Phil La Duke

We talk a lot about behaviors in safety—whether you’re a proponent of Behavior Based Safety (BBS) or Just Culture how workers behave is of paramount concern to safety professionals.  But what about worker attitudes? Shouldn’t they be as much of a concern as behaviors? These kinds of questions make behaviorists cringe principally and appropriately because we can’t scientifically measure an attitude.  Attitudes are based on emotions that are often the result of the flight-fight reflex triggered in the medulla oblongata.  But just because we can’t measure attitudes doesn’t make them less important in safety, in fact, there are six attitudes that can get one killed:

“This will only take a minute”

Too many people die doing something that takes little or know time.  The victims reason that since the relatively small amount of time  during which they will be exposed to the hazard equates to a…

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