Infographic – “Dangers On The Job”

Dangers on the job

Reality TV programming allows viewers to see inside the lives of ice road truckers, ax men and ‘extreme’ fishermen. These risky jobs make for good television – and maybe, these shows allow the rest of us to experience some of the thrill of facing death on a daily basis. After all, you’re likely not going to encounter a hurricane or angry bear at your office today.

You’re probably familiar with the typical hazards of your job and have ways of protecting yourself from them. Some jobs require serious protection like safety gloves, hard hats and goggles. But if you work in a daycare or around young children, you may be more concerned with having antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer at all times.

Often, the jobs that pose the most risk come with the greatest rewards. That’s one reason why professional football players make so much money; there’s a possibility a player will be injured to the point of permanent disability. Similarly, think of all that can go wrong for an astronaut. But the reward for taking the risk of space flight is being one of the few people to ever see the planet from outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

Workplace safety has come a long way in the past 100 years. But whether you’re an astronaut or a small-town school teacher, your job carries some risk, as shown in this infographic:

Dream Jobs and Cool Workplace Tools

Protective equipment can ensure workplace safety.

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  1. Reblogged this on Blackline GPS and commented:
    An excellent infographic on occupational industries and the tools used by various workers to stay safe. What’s missing from the safety equipment?


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