Our Thoughts & Prayers Go Out To All The Souls Lost At Sandy Hook Elementary School In Newtown, Connecticut – “God Bless You All”


Dozens killed in shooting at elementary school in Connecticiut

I didn’t know your name, I never saw your face,
I never got to see you smile, or get to watch you play.
I never got to walk with you or watch you board the bus,
I never got to kiss your head and tell you that you’re loved. I never got to know you, we were worlds apart,
But on this tragic day, you have a place in my heart.
Your smile was robbed, your laughter stole away,
But it is upon angel’s wings, you rest your head today. Take peace now, innocent one, worry not yourself,
For it is in the arms of a nation, your love can now be felt.
We may never understand the evil, which struck your life today,
But know that through remembrance, you’re never far away. ‘Tis your turn now, our little ones,
To smile down from above,
Kiss mommy, kiss daddy,
Tell them it’s okay,
and they are forever loved.

Now in peaceful rest, may you take, your place among the stars.
Your memory never forgotten, always safe, kept in our hearts.
It is with a solemn duty, to you we make this vow,
To find the evil you met today, And in your memory, strike it down.

To the memory of all 26 of the innocent lives lost today at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, with special dedication to the children. A nation mourns your loss today, our thoughts and prayers to your families and your community. May you all rest in peace.


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