Fire Prevention Weekly Update – January 15, 2013


  1. Campaigns / Other Fire Prevention Efforts
  2. Campus fire safety
  3. Inspections/Code enforcement
  4. Smoke Alarms
  5. Sprinklers
  6. Wildland Fire Safety
  7. Fire safety tips and reminders
  8. Other Safety News
  9. Sprinkler Saves
  10. International News

Links to Fire Prevention-related news articles – Updated 01/14/2013

Campaigns/ Other Fire Safety Activities

  1. “Watch Your Butt” Campaign from the Springfield Fire Department (Missouri)
  2. Chilhowie firefighters launch education campaign (Virginia)
  3. Firefighters get word out about home sprinkler systems (Pennsylvania)
  4. Entire community gets free smoke detectors (Missouri)
  5. Lexington Fire Dept. working to put smoke detectors in every home (Kentucky)
  6. Volunteers to promote fire safety in Framingham (Massachusetts)

Campus fire safety

  1. OSU students find new homes after suspicious fire

Inspections / Code enforcement

  1. Fire inspections reduce risks

Smoke Alarms

  1. Special smoke detectors will aid deaf in fire (Indiana)
  2. Brighton woman survives fire after being woken by smoke alarm
  3. Smoke detector credited for saving a family of eight (North Carolina)


  1. UMass Amherst residence halls now protected by fire sprinklers
  2. Lightweight construction and the need for home fire sprinklers
  3. Md. fire deaths down 22% in 2012
  4. Carlisle fire company plans to extinguish anti-sprinkler messages
  5. Fully sprinklered nursing homes were a long time coming (NFPA)
  6. Mass. housing complexes by the thousands lack sprinklers
  7. Tragic Fire in Rockford Highlights Need for Home Fire Sprinklers

Wildland Fire Safety

  1. Australian families win their battles against wildfires

Safety tips and reminders

  1. Keep baby safe around space heaters (Consumer Reports)
  2. 5 Things: Fire Safety With Alternative Heating Sources
  3. Recent house fires seen as preventable (Iowa)
  4. Cooking fires are the most common
  5. Sparky’s new activity that integrates fire safety education and measurement is “Measuring Up!”

Other Safety News

  1. Year Ends with Significant Drop in State Fire Deaths (Mississippi)
  2. Md. fire deaths down 22% in 2012
  3. Residents Told To Take Fire Prevention Into Their Own Hands
  4. Six-year-old boy caused Georgia fire that killed four siblings


Residential Sprinkler Saves

  1. Sprinkler system controls condo fire (Lake Havasu City, AZ)

Fire Prevention News: International

  1. Australia firefighters race to beat heat spike
  2. Australian families win their battles against wildfires




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