GHS Infographic: “What You Need To Know About GHS”

Featured By: C&S Blog

Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling Chemicals or GHS as it is referred to. GHS is a standard classifying system allowing a global universal way to label hazardous chemicals. This system has been the norm in Europe and Asia and slowly drifted to the west and in 2012 the United States will adopt GHS.

It will take the United States up to 3 years to complete implementation of GHS as a standard. With a large number of businesses and documents impacted by the change to GHS it will cost $97 million dollars per year to complete. Within 2 years it is required GHS training videos and other education be completed. It is estimated there will be a drop in workplace injuries and fatalities as well as money saved from reducing accidents.

Companies that will be the most prepared will offer hazmat training videos as well as GHS training video to incorporate a transition for all employees in order to meet compliance.

The infographic is a perfect resource for explanation of GHS, the cost impact on industry and the projected outlook the change will bring to global movement and safety of chemicals.

• There are 5 main areas of chemical labeling which will change. • New sections will be added data sheets. • Classifications ratings on danger levels will be inverted possibly causing confusion. • Specific labels will be used and changed. • Information communication and distribution channels will change. • Updating and providing a change in training and the types of training for employers, management, and all workers the GHS system will affect.

Scheduling training as well as preparing for the upcoming implementation can help companies and workers focus on meeting the guidelines as well as getting a head start on familiarizing the new labels and other changes.


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