Fire Prevention Weekly Update – July 9, 2013


  1. Campaigns / Other Fire Prevention Efforts
  2. Campus fire safety
  3. Inspections/Code enforcement
  4. Smoke Alarms
  5. Sprinklers
  6. Wildland Fire Safety
  7. Fire safety tips and reminders
  8. Other Safety News
  9. International News

Campaigns/ Other Fire Safety Activities

  1. Lancaster City Fire Department has free smoke detector program

Campus fire safety

  1. Fatal Fire Leads to Safe Student Housing List (Ohio)
  2. State College apartment complex destroyed by fire

Inspections / Code enforcement

  1. New Michigan Laws Put Fireworks Safety in the Spotlight
  2. Why Local Fire Chiefs Think Ban on Sky Lanterns Is a Good Idea (Illinois)

Smoke Alarms

  1. Smoke Detectors Can Save Lives
  2. iPhone Dock Smoke Alarm Alerts You During Sleep
  3. Stressing the Importance of Smoke Detector Maintenance (Nevada)


  1. Fire and life safety educator talks about public awareness of residential fire sprinklers
  2. Sprinkler system does its job; prevents fire spread at Oro Valley apartment
  3. Lafayette Fire Dept conducts sprinkler experiment
  4. Performance of residential fire sprinklers with sloped ceilings (NFPA)

Wildland Fire Safety

  1. Fireworks and wildfire: a flame to the tinder – Michigan State University Extension
  2. Experts See a New Normal: A Tinderbox West, With More Huge Fires
  3. Home Fire-Safe Checklist/Defensible Space
  4. Wildfire and Fireworks: Reduce Your Risks
  5. Wildfire experts call for more controlled burns

Safety tips and reminders

  1. Ill. State Fire Marshal has tips for home safety
  2. Keep your home and family safe in a fire (Pennsylvania)

Other Safety News

  1. Boy, 2, dies, bringing central Pa. fire toll to 7
  2. CHILD DROWNINGS: Officials offer strategies to prevent them
  3. Grant to Ga. fire department pays for 4,000 smoke detectors
  4. 28 injured at Calif. fireworks after platform tips
  5. Man helping with SC fireworks show hurt in blast
  6. Fatal house fire possibly cause by fireworks
  7. 2 dead in Richmond blaze linked to fireworks

Fire Prevention News: International

  1. Smoke alarms needed to be fitted in the right place, fire chief warns (UK)

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