“Big Ass Fans” Are Energy Efficient & Draw A Crowd


I went on a job interview in July at a great company in the Chicago area. Part of the interview was obviously a plant tour. After donning all our PPE required for the tour, the Plant Manager and I went out onto the plant floor. The first thing that struck me was that there was a great breeze coming from this huge fan that I’ve never seen before.

The amount of air it was moving per square foot of the manufacturing area was unbelievable. So much so, I had to ask the Plant Manager, “Who are these fans made by?”..He proceeded to tell me that they were made by a company called “Big Ass Fans“. At first I had to hold back on laughing, because, this was an interview. I said “You’re kidding me, right?”

The Plant Manager said, “No, that’s the company name!” Well needless to say, not only did the company impress me greatly with their safety culture, but I’d be lying if I said that these fans didn’t impress me as well. If you’re looking to move a lot of air and keep your employees cool in the summer and even warmer in the winter, I recommend you give them a look.

More information is below!

Big Ass Fans : Website: http://www.bigassfans.com/

How They Work

Big Ass Fans are the highest quality, most meticulously engineered fans on the planet. And Big Ass Fans aren’t just for the warmer months—they can save you money and keep you comfortable year round.

Our large diameter, low speed Big Ass Fans move a lot of air with their size (up to 24 feet in diameter), not speed, while our smaller offerings provide targeted cooling for smaller spaces.

Summer Cooling

Nature put us on earth with a built-in air conditioner: Smart. We engineer our Big Ass Fans to make the most of it: Smarter.

OSHA standards indicate temperatures of 100.4 F and above are dangerous for workers, while air temperatures that exceed 95 F significantly increase the heat load on the body.  When temperature and humidity levels rise, the body’s natural ability to cool itself decreases. While air movement does not lower the actual temperature in a space, the perceived cooling effect can make a person feel 10 F cooler.  See what we are talking about.

Big Ass Fans aren’t only for non-conditioned facilities—managers of conditioned buildings can also raise their air conditioning setpoint and utilize energy-efficient fans to maintain thermal comfort. Customers and employees will feel the same level of comfort, which the building can maintain with far less energy. Specifying Big Ass Fans during new construction can also help builders to reduce HVAC tonnage and ductwork, saving money before the fans are ever turned on!

Energy efficiency and cost effectiveness: Smart.
You: Smartest.

Winter Heat Distribution

Stratification occurs because air from a heater is approximately 5-7% lighter than cool air in a space and tends to rise to the ceiling. In the winter, Big Ass Fans are slowed, not reversed, to efficiently destratify heat by slowly moving large volumes of warm air off the ceiling without creating a draft. The steady mixing of air creates a uniform temperature throughout the space, which can help the heater to maintain the same thermostat setpoint with less effort, resulting in a serious reduction of operating costs—over 30% in some cases! With a 1- to 2-year return on investment, that’s more than enough to make you feel all warm and cozy inside. Take a look.

Other benefits of using air movement to create and maintain consistent temperatures from ceiling to floor and wall to door include reduced condensation and its buddy, corrosion, as well as mold mitigation.

Learn how the NEW BAF Works™ Control System will ensure your Big Ass Fan is running optimally to maximizing your comfort and energy savings in every season.

Oh………They even have an iPhone App! : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/big-ass-fans/id460144609?mt=8

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