Climate Change Experts tell Tom Skilling “There really isn’t another side to this”

Thoroughly intriguing information and how much is going into seeking more information on the Earth’s climate and why it is changing. Tom Skilling is one of the best meteorological minds in this field.



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The eyes of the world will be on Stockholm, September 27th, 2013, when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change- I.P.C.C. releases it’s latest findings.  Five years ago, that panel won a Nobel Prize for it’s climate work.  And Atmospheric Science Professor Don Wuebbles from the University of Illinois, shared in that high honor.  Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling traveled to Urbana last week to catch Dr. Wuebbles for a preview of their report before he left for Sweden.

Friday marks the fifth time since 1990 that the IPCC has released it’s assessment of the science on climate change. Armed with the latest data, Dr. Wuebbles says they’ll state in stronger terms than ever before; the climate is warming, that warmer temperatures are creating more extreme weather events, and humans are driving this.

Hurricane Sandy, killer floodwaters, and raging wildfires.  Scientists from all over the world, including Dr. Don Wuebbles, say…

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