State of Main DOL – OSHA GHS Training Video

Here is another good video that can be used to familiarize  your employees on the new GHS Hazcom (HCS) regulations which you must meet the 1st phase of compliance as of December 1, 2013.

Training Video for Employers and Employees

OSHA’s Global Harmonization System

The Maine Community College System is pleased to partner with the Maine Department of Labor (MDOL) to provide employees and employers across the state with access to detailed information about new federal standards for working with hazardous chemicals. All employees in Maine are required to be trained in this new Global Harmonization System. The following 23-minute video, produced by MDOL, makes it possible for employers to offer the training at no cost to employees wherever it is most convenient—at work, at home, or even the local library.

Additional free information about the Global Harmonization System—including a sample workplace policy, PowerPoint presentations, poster, and quiz—is available at MDOL’s SafetyWorks! website.


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