William Shatner & State Farm® present “Eat, Fry, Love,” a Turkey Fryer Fire Cautionary Tale

Finally, a Thanksgiving safety video that takes viewers where they’ve never gone before — William Shatner’s backyard.

In an ad for the insurance company State Farm entitled “Eat, Fry, Love,” the actor and talk show host shares his love for fried turkey by teaching how to do it safely.

In a dramatic reenactment, Shatner sits at his table. longing for a ‘moister, tastier turkey.”


Shatner then purchases a turkey fryer, complete with instruction tome, thermometer and “dingle-dangle.” But his arrogance and longing for deep-fried bird lands him in hot water — well, oil.

“In my hunger,” the star despairs, “I ignored safety. I spat in the face of science.”

Transfixed by the thought of eating the crispy bird, he drops the bird into the pot of boiling oil.

The wrath of oil:  Shatner foolishly drops the bird into the pot of boiling oil. (State Farm/)

In a dazzle of special effects that nearly rival the first season of Star Trek, Shatner becomes engulfed in flames and must put himelf out.

Heartbroken, but somehow, not covered in third degree burns, Shatner throws away his beloved turkey fryer.

“I loved you,” he cries out. “But you only brought me pain.”

In the end, he learns a healthy respect for the dangerous combination of oil, turkey and metal.

“William Shatner loves deep-fried turkey, but over many Thanksgivings and Christmases he’s made mistakes, burned himself, and nearly burned down his house,” the insurance company said. “Bill shows us how dangerous turkey fryers can be.”

Shatner wants viewers and fried turkey fans to find him on twitter: #ShatnerFryersClub.

“I want to know you plan to keep yourself, your family and me safe from turkey fryer fires,” he pleads.

Shatner may be deadly serious about fire safety but according to the Consumerist, he’s an excellent chef.

“Our tipster at State Farm tells us that Bill was wonderful to work with, and actually fried a turkey for the crew so they could try it for the first time,” their tipster said.

The video offers tips for those who plan to fry their birds this Thanksgiving:

1.  Avoid spillover: Don’t overfill the pot.

2. Turn off flame when lowering the turkey into the oil.

3. Fry outside, away from the house.

4. Thaw the turkey before frying.

5. Keep a greast-fire approved fire extinguisher nearby.


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