Safety Resolutions For 2014: “Help Your Employees Keep Them”


The best thing you can do for your workers is to encourage them to resolve to put their health and safety first. Health and safety should represent the priority against which workers align all of their actions.

Explanation: Most of us get overwhelmed by the sheer effort involved in achieving our New Year’s resolutions. In fact, New Year’s resolutions can actually add to our stress, especially if we set unreasonable goals or are unable to accept the small slips along the way that everybody is bound to make.

Framing Workable Resolutions

That’s why some experts dislike the traditional New Year’s resolution and recommend that we instead focus on building upon the positive things in our life.

I couldn’t agree more. Urge your workers to focus on improvement, not perfection. Tell them to keep their aspirations positive, realistic and achievable. Also remind them that New Year’s resolutions needn’t be an entirely private affair. On the contrary, sharing your resolutions improves the odds of achieving them. Sit down with your family and decide that this resolution is one that you all share – that the health and safety culture in your own household will be your collective goal, value and priority.

The Role of Health and Safety

Resolving to put health and safety first is a way to make all other resolutions achievable. The objective of such a resolution is to be self-motivated and to behave safely, even when no one else is looking. The resolution has effects that go beyond just yourself. Resolving to put health and safety first creates a safe zone around yourself, your children, your co-workers, friends, neighbors and strangers. It’s a resolution that benefits whatever corner of the world you’re in at the moment.

But resolving to put health and safety first might seem abstract and cliché . What exactly does it mean?

5 Specific Examples

Putting health and safety first means:

  1. Considering the health and safety implications of behavioral decisions. For example:
    • If I stay up late tonight, will I get enough sleep to work safely tomorrow?
    • Have I packed an emergency kit for our camping trip?
  2. Assessing the hazards associated with all activities – at work, play or home. For example:
  3. Educating yourself so that you can continue to add to your growing knowledge of health and safety practices. For example:
    • Joining the Health and Safety Committee.
    • Taking a first aid course.
  4. Communicating about health and safety with your co-workers, family and community. For example:
    • Reporting near misses at work and encouraging your children to report near misses at home.
    • Involving the family in the creation of a family emergency plan.
  5. Leading by example to demonstrate your personal commitment to the value of health and safety practices. For example:


To achieve New Year’s resolutions requires strong internal motivation. And what could possibly be better motivation than improving the health and safety of yourself and your loved ones, and having a positive influence on the health and safety of everyone else around you!

Happy New Year To All……….Be Safe!

Jack Benton – EHS Safety News America® – EHS/Safety Job Still Needed!

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