OSHA – Crane, Derrick, and Hoist Safety

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Moving large, heavy loads is crucial to today’s manufacturing and construction industries. Much technology has been developed for these operations, including careful training and extensive workplace precautions. There are significant safety issues to be considered, both for the operators of the diverse “lifting” devices, and for workers in proximity to them. This page is a starting point for finding information about these devices, including elevators and conveyors, and their operation.

Crane, derrick, and hoist safety hazards are addressed in specific standards for the general industry, marine terminals, longshoring, gear certification, and the construction industry.

OSHA Standards

This section highlights OSHA standards, the Regulatory Agenda (a list of actions being taken with regard to OSHA standards), Federal Registers (rules, proposed rules, and notices), directives (instructions for compliance officers), and standard interpretations (official letters of interpretation of the standards) related to crane, derrick, and hoist safety.

Note: Twenty-five states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands have OSHA-approved State Plans and have adopted their own standards and enforcement policies. For the most part, these States adopt standards that are identical to Federal OSHA. However, some States have adopted different standards applicable to this topic or may have different enforcement policies.

General Industry (29 CFR 1910)

Marine Terminals (29 CFR 1917)

Longshoring (29 CFR 1918)

Gear Certification (29 CFR 1919)

  • 1919.12, Recordkeeping and related procedures concerning records in custody of the vessel
  • 1919.15, Periodic tests, examinations and inspections
  • 1919.21, Marking and posting of safe working loads
  • 1919.24, Limitations on use of wire rope
  • 1919.28, Unit proof tests-cranes and gear accessory thereto
  • 1919.73, Unit proof test and examination of derricks
  • 1919.75, Determination of crane or derrick safe working loads and limitations in absence of manufacturer’s data

Construction Industry (29 CFR 1926)

Federal Registers

  • Cranes and Derricks in Construction: Revising the Exemption for Digger Derricks. Final Rule 78:32110-32116, (2013, May 28). OSHA published a direct final rule and a companion notice of proposed rulemaking on November 9, 2012, to broaden the exemption for digger derricks in its construction standard for cranes and derricks. OSHA received a significant adverse comment on the direct final rule during the comment period, and as a result, OSHA withdrew the direct final rule on February 7, 2013. After considering this comment, OSHA is issuing this final rule based on the notice of proposed rulemaking.
  • Safety Standards for Cranes and Derricks. Proposed Rules 69:27870, (2004, May 17). OSHA announced that the Crane and Derrick Negotiated Rulemaking Advisory Committee (C-DAC) extended the dates and times of the June meeting in Phoenix, AZ. The meeting will be on June 1, 2, 3 and 4, 2004.
  • Safety Standards for Cranes and Derricks. Meeting 69:12098, (2004, March 15). Notice of cancellation of March 29, 30, and 31, 2004 Crane and Derrick Negotiated Rulemaking Advisory Committee meeting.
  • Safety Standards for Cranes and Derricks. Notice 68:9036-9037, (2003, February 27). Links to a notice of proposed Negotiated Rulemaking Committee membership; request for comments. Comments must be received by March 31, 2003.

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