One More Reason To “Store & Dispose of 9 Volt Batteries Properly”


“I had never stopped to consider the 9 Volt Battery Fire Hazard that exists in my battery drawer until I saw this video about a house fire that was caused by a battery. Any battery could cause a fire if a connection is made between the positive and negative terminals but because of the size and location of the terminals on a 9 volt battery it’s much easier for it to occur. To reduce the hazard simply place a piece of electrical tape over the end of the battery when storing or disposing of the battery. Watch How To Start A Fire With A 9 Volt Battery if you want to see how easy it is.”

The excerpt above was taken from a website called “Kids and Character” and is one more example that we all need to keep in mind when storing 9 Volt, or any other battery in a “Junk Drawer”, or either throwing them away or recycling them. Please follow the tips suggested and, Please, check that “Junk Drawer” in your home!


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