“Why 9 Volt Batteries & “Junk Drawers” Do Not Mix”

CBS News Report (NH) on Junk Drawer Battery Storage

Actual 9 Volt Battery Fire Aftermath

9 V Battery Junk Drawer

If you want to get an idea of how this happens, do like I did when I was changing 7 smoke detector back-up batteries. I removed the old battery from one of the smoke detectors and inadvertently put it in my pants pocket where it came to rest onto the loose change in my pocket.

As I was finishing up this annual “to do” list item and to keep the home safe, I suddenly felt this warmth on my leg. I immediately reached into my pocket and pulled out the battery. I then went to remove the change from my pocket and found it to be very hot. All in a matter of 10 to 15 minutes, even with a year old battery which was virtually dead, the 9 volt battery still had enough life in it to create what I now call…..”A Whole New Meaning To The Word….Hot Pants.” Please be aware of what can happen and check your home today!

Jack Benton

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