“Shake Hands With Danger” – “Caterpillar Construction Safety Video – 1970”

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What's New What’s New

New OSHA schedules informal hearing on proposed extension of crane operator certification deadline. OSHA News Release [4/15/2014]

New OSHA announces national stand-down for fall prevention in construction [3/19/14]

New No more falling workers: OSHA focuses on protecting cell tower employees after increase in worksite fatalities. OSHA News Release, (2014 Feb. 11)

New OSHA letter to communication tower industry employers

New Fall from a Telecommunications Tower: FATAL Facts (PDF*)

Protecting the Safety and Health of Communication Tower Workers*. (2013, November 8).

Construction Industry Digest

Related Topics Related Topics

New Scaffolding: Narrow Frame Scaffolds Fact Sheet (PDF*). (OSHA 3722 – 2014).

New Material Hoist Collapse (PDF*). OSHA FATAL Facts No. 8, (2014).

New Hazard Alert: Using Dolly-Type Devices to Spread Flammable Liquid Adhesives on a Roof Can Cause Fires. SHIB [3/13/14]

Prevention Videos (v-Tools): Construction Hazards. OSHA.

Prevention through Design (PtD). OSHA Alliance Program – Construction Workplace Design Solutions

Trenching and Excavation Safety [English* | Spanish*]. OSHA Fact Sheet, (2011).

New factsheets on minimizing silica exposure in construction [3/1/13]

Ladder Safety Guidance

  • Falling Off Ladders Can Kill: Use Them Safely – Booklet [PDF* | EPUB* | MOBI*]

  • Safe Use of Extension Ladders – Fact Sheet (English) [PDF*]

  • Safe Use of Job-made Wooden Ladders – Fact Sheet (English) [PDF*]

  • Safe Use of Stepladders – Fact Sheet (English) [PDF*]

  • NIOSH Ladder safety phone app – English and Spanish

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