Warehouse Safety – “The Dangers of Modern Warehouses & How to Prevent Them”

The modern warehouse can be a dangerous work environment. There are fatalities along with general injuries from workplace accidents in warehouses related to forklifts, docks and conveyors. With over seven thousand operational warehouses employing more than 145,000 workers warehouse safety videos and plans for prevention can help businesses save costs on Workers Compensation claims and more importantly save lives and offer safer working conditions in warehouses.

Common injuries from slips and falls, ergonomic related dangers and forklifts, companies who provide forklift training as well as materials handling safety can see decreased numbers of accidents and worker related accidents. Forklifts alone pose the biggest danger and number of deaths and injuries.

What we can learn from the infographic can help in preventing warehouse fatalities and injuries.

• Posting and alerting workers to the tips for safe forklift procedures and requiring specific measures of safety should be posted.
• Proper inspection and estimation of damaged storage equipment can prevent dangers.
• Preventing ergonomic injuries by making sure workers follow proper stacking, lifting and storing procedures on shelving and in aisles can decrease injuries.
• Preparing for accidents and making sure employees have a plan of action along with reporting procedures can maintain a safe working warehouse.

Companies can experience a lot of costs due to unsafe warehouse conditions because of fines and insurance. Because of OSHA and safety standards workplace fatalities have decreased by over sixty percent and injuries by over 40 percent. When organizations make prevention and preparedness a priority in their warehouses by providing employees with the proper training it sends the message that the company promotes a safe working environment in the warehouses.


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