“School Safety Training & Tips”



Safety Training Handouts – Here’s Some Help!!

Did you know that your School District’s Injury and Illness Prevention Plan requires that Supervisors talk to employees about Safety on a regular basis?

You should make Safety a topic at every staff meeting or opportunity. 

Do you need help with coming up with a training idea for staff?

Here are 52 – one for each week of the year – different handouts you can use. 

Some are technical, some are very simple – each one is about a specific topic.  Note that there are some similar topics – but each handout is different. 
Some include a test and a training verification form. 
If you use any of the handouts – be sure to include a sign up sheet and keep a copy of the sign up sheet with the handout for your OSHA records.  There is a training roster you can use to document attendance.
These documents are in a pdf format.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to print the documents.

Any questions?  

Any ideas for which you would like to have a handout created?  Let us know by clicking here to send the request to Terri.

4 Reasons to be careful at work
4 Steps to setting up your computer workstation
5 things to do to defuse violence
Accident Prevention
Air Quality
Are you Stressed?
Cafeteria and Food Service Safety
Can Walking Make you Fit?
Computer Ergonomics-Are you at Risk for Pain?
Death On Our Highways-Workers in Peril
Defensive Driving
eliminate Top Safety Threats to Prevent Electrical Injuries
Extension Cord Safety
Eye Protection
Eye Safety
Facts on Fire Safety
Fertilizers and Pesticides
Fire Safety
Fundamentals of Housekeeping
Gas Welding
Give yourself an out-emergency exits
guard against machine injuries
hand tools
hazardous chemicals in the workplace
heat stress – tri fold brochure
how safe is work – stress
integrated pest management
keeping a clean and safe office or classroom space
ladder safety
lifting to protect your back
Near miss reporting
Parking lot security
personal protective equipment-Feet first
Personal safety awareness
power lawn mowers
prevent slips, trips, and falls
prevent sprains and strains
preventing back injuries
preventing slips and falls
safe driving tips
safe lifting
safety tips for the office
safety-attitude and behavior
slips, trips and falls
the hazards of arts and crafts
top workplace hazards
what you need to know about hearing loss
winter driving safety
working safely with chemicals
workplace hazards-protecting your eyes and ears

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