“OSHA’s Position On Online Training”

OSHA believes that computer-based training programs can be used as part of an effective OSH training program. However, there are some stipulations. OSHA’s treats online-based training programs like training videos. These programs alone do not meet all of OSHA’s training requirements, they must provide sufficient hands-on experience and be accompanied by a qualified trainer.

Atlantic Training outlines some of these guidelines


One thought on ““OSHA’s Position On Online Training”

  1. Often training presentations are downloaded but not tailored to the work site and the employer feels ‘problem solved’ once he either requires employees to watch the presentation on their own or has it run in front of a group of them. NOT SO.

    It is not possible for a borrowed or purchased presentation to represent every employers workplace equipment or conditions. I know, I’ve tried to make a one size fits all and even when it’s 70 or more slide long there are still conditions not included or considered. (Not to mention, the employee’s eyes would glaze over and they’d fall asleep after the first hour or so.)

    An online training tool can be the START of your training so long as there is follow up on the work site specific conditions, controls, and PPE.

    For example, a Hazard Communication Program training presentation can explain a chemical hazard, such as corrosives, but it cannot say everyplace in the plan where corrosives or used or how they are used that creates an exposure, such as a mist or splash.

    This information can be provided by the employee’s supervisor or team leader when they return to the floor.

    Susen Trail, CIH
    Practical Safety and Health Solutions, LLC


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