“Contractor Groups Issue A 13-Step Plan To Enhance & Improve Construction Safety”


Charlotte, NC – Saying a “growing influx of new and inexperienced workers” is contributing to an increase in the number of U.S. construction deaths, the Associated General Contractors of America and Carolinas Associated General Contractors have issued a 13-step plan aimed at reversing the trend of construction worker fatalities.

The steps, as worded by AGC of America, are:

  1. Establish a “buddy system” for new hires.
  2. Conduct safety orientation sessions for new hires, including temporary workers.
  3. Ensure managers and supervisors have the appropriate leadership and effective communication skills for instilling safety culture and concepts into the workforce.
  4. Institute two separate pre-task hazard analysis training programs.
  5. Host monthly “Lunch and Learn” safety training programs.
  6. Require foremen and superintendents to attend leadership in safety excellence certification courses.
  7. Host targeted training to address all safety incidents.
  8. Make sure training and materials are in a language the workforce understands.
  9. Train your trainers.
  10. Create task-specific pocket safety guides for every task workers are assigned.
  11. Establish craft-specific safety mentoring programs.
  12. Issue easy-to-read badges to workers indicating their level of training.
  13. Authorize workers to issue “Stop Work Cards” to address job risks.

“Our goal with these new recommendations is simple, to make sure every worker comes home safely to their families, every night,” AGC of America spokesperson Brian Turmail said in a press release.

Download the 13 Step Plan at the Red Link above or here: https://www.agc.org/sites/default/files/Files/Communications/AGC_Safety_Training_Tips.pdf

Source: NSC, Itasca, Illinois

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