“Safety Sergeants and Invisible Risks”

A “Cop On The Beat” mentality will never change, build or enhance a positive safety culture. Going the “Extra Mile” to show employees the right way to be safe and get them involved as well, so that you can build a TEAM mentality that will win out every time, as long as there is an HONEST commitment to Safety, by THE ENTIRE organization! – Jack Benton

Thanks Phil La Duke for another fine article.

Phil La Duke's Blog


By Phil La Duke

In some respects the safety practitioner is like an army drill sergeant.  At first that seem like an odd coupling, but the drill sergeant has to train people to act in a way that is clearly not in their best interests and in fact, carry the risk of getting them killed to serve a greater good.  Safety practitioners, conversely, are often charged with persuading workers not to take risks that people don’t see as all that dangerous. So while the goals of the drill sergeant and the safety practitioner are at cross purposes achieving those goals both rely to varying extents on one’s ability to persuade another.

In too many cases, the safety professional misses the difference between the role of the drill sergeant and that of the safety practitioner. These safety sergeants believe that their role is to berate and bully people into…

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