“OSHA – EMT’s At Amazon Fulfillment Center Are Not “Licensed Health Care Professionals”



Jeff Bezo, President and CEO of Amazon, was sent a letter by the U.S. Department of Labor -OSHA on January 6, 2016, warning him to stop using AMCARE, their in-plant medical unit which is staffed with EMTs to provide medical care. EMTs are only supposed to provide first aid, nothing more.

In the letter the OSHA  states “After reviewing relevant facts pertaining to this case, it has been determined the AMCARE is providing medical care beyond first aid at the Robbinsville, New Jersey Amazon Fullfillment Center .” The letter goes on to specify that EMTs are not licensed to practice medical care independently as per the state laws. “AMCARE personnel were providing medical care beyond what is allowed by their licensing and certification without the supervision of a board certified qualified medical professional licensed to practice independently.”

EMTs are only allowed to provide first aid as well as provide referrals to an outside health care providers when necessary.

You can read the OSHA letter to Amazon here: https://www.osha.gov/ooc/citations/Amazon_1074833_HAL.pdf

2 thoughts on ““OSHA – EMT’s At Amazon Fulfillment Center Are Not “Licensed Health Care Professionals”

  1. Being not only a EMT for over 10 years in California and a Safety professional for 4 years. I work on a wide array construction sites. There is a “scope of practice” (following state or county guidelines ) that medical professionals are supposed to practice within. There is a unfortunately a rouge element that will claim to be certified or do certain procedures that are not within their scope. While this is not a OSHA issue as much as it is with the State or County Emergency Medical Services issue. Those EMT’s are operating in and such infractions should be reported to those agencies. Likewise you can find out a persons EMT’s certifications by contacting those same agencies. It is a fact that 9 times out of 10 it can reduce the cost of the general contractors insurance significantly. Always ask what kind of malpractice / General Liability / Workers Compensation insurance does their company have? Protect yourself from liability and litigation and do your due diligence before bringing EMT’s on your construction sites. Don’t you agree?


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