“New Safety Product Spotlight” – “Ladder Lab – Making an Impact in On the Job Injuries”

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Cincinnati, Ohio–April 4, 2016—The construction industry is one of the most injurious professions in the United States. This industry’s injury figures are higher than police officers and other first responders.  Ladder related injuries are some of the most common within this profession.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 50% of all ladder related injuries occur when an individual attempts to bring tools with them on the ladder.  Ladder Lab was designed to prevent on the job injuries by creating a method for handymen and construction workers to lift their tools to the top of a ladder easily.  No more injuries!

“As industry professionals ourselves we knew the dangers and developed the Ladder Lab with safety in mind,” says Bernadette Cieslak “People will use tool belts to a degree but sometimes they just don’t cut it.  This is an easier way to carry more tools, and to carry them safely.  A tool belt still isn’t safe over time because it adds to back stress and doesn’t allow for even weight distribution.”

Ladder Lab is a specially designed pulley system with a self-locking ratchet that allows the handyman to hoist a tool bag up an extension ladder to a desired height.  This system enables the handyman to retrieve tools, paint, and other supplies easily and safely.  By using the system the worker is now able to safely and properly climb an extension ladder using both hands.  Not only does this protect the worker on the ladder from injury but also his investment in tools because there is no danger of them falling from the tool bag.

Ladder Lab is an affordable solution and a great investment for home renovation companies that would like to save on the cost of potential litigation and workman’s comp claims.

For more information on how to purchase Ladder Lab visit: www.ladderlab.com

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