“What Should You Do When OSHA Shows Up At Your Door” #OSHA #Inspection

1/27/2017 by Krista Sterken  | Foley & Lardner LLP You arrive at work bright and early, only to find that someone beat you there — OSHA is waiting to perform an inspection. Now what? Many employers think they have little say in what happens next. Actually, employers have many choices to make, starting as soon as OSHA arrives. The … Continue reading “What Should You Do When OSHA Shows Up At Your Door” #OSHA #Inspection


“Is Predictive Analysis For Safety Just the Next Big Thing?”

Another thought provoking #safety post from my good friend Phil La Duke

Phil La Duke's Blog

By Phil La Duke

I’ve taken a fair amount of flack about being behind on the latest and greatest in Safety theory. I’m not worried about getting a little flack from pompous, over-blown, theoreticians who pat me on the head and patronize me for being the poor stupid author of an antiquated article filled with atavistic thinking. That’s fine, but keep it respectful or I will poor more vitriol and bile then you thought possible.

For starters I have been a proponent, advocate, and user of predictive indicators since the late 1990s. But I have to tell you that I think the theoreticians are jumping the gun in saying that we can predict fatalities, or even injuries, at least not without significant education in statistics and data analysis.

Predicting fatalities is a bit like predicting the weather; that is, difficult. The difficulty lies in the many variables that can influence…

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“Five Workplace New Year’s Resolutions for 2017”

1/24/2017 by Matt Milner  | Snell & Wilmer With the New Year comes the annual tradition of making New Year’s Resolutions—along with the annual tradition of breaking those resolutions by the second week of January. Even if last year’s Christmas tree survived longer than your new diet, there is still plenty of time to make workplace resolutions that you … Continue reading “Five Workplace New Year’s Resolutions for 2017”

“BLS: On-The-Job Deaths At Highest Level Since 2008″​

A total of 4,836 deaths due to workplace injuries occurred in 2015 – a 0.3 percent increase over 2014 and the most since 5,214 workers died in 2008, according to data released Dec. 16t, 2016 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Other highlights from the 2015 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries: The 903 deaths among Hispanic … Continue reading “BLS: On-The-Job Deaths At Highest Level Since 2008″​

“How You Could Test Positive For Drugs When You’re Not”

https://youtu.be/3OY5o1x8tus An estimated 45 to 50 million employees are drug tested each year in the United States. Are they accurate every time, though? Turns out, it can be wrong on more occasions than one might expect. Follow Tech Insider: On Facebook  

“Safety Topic Information For a Better Safety Committee at Your Workplace”

A Accident Investigation (see Incident Investigation) Agricultural Operations Airline Industry Ammonia Refrigeration Anthrax Apparel and Footwear Industry Arsenic Asbestos Asphalt Fumes Autobody Repair and Refinishing Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) Avian Flu B Backovers (see Preventing Backovers) Basic Steel Products Battery Manufacturing Benzene Beryllium Biofuels Biological Agents Bioterrorism Bloodborne Pathogens and Needlestick Prevention Botulism Brownfields Business … Continue reading “Safety Topic Information For a Better Safety Committee at Your Workplace”

“The True Cost Of Work Related Injuries – Accidents Cost More Than People Realize!”

The True Cost Of Work Related Injuries – An infographic by the team at SafetyVideos.com

“The Complexities Of Medical Marijuana In The Workplace” #Safety #RX

by Laurie Weinstein  | Akerman LLP - HR Defense With the growing list of states legalizing marijuana, are workplace drug policies up in smoke? As the new year begins, Arkansas, Florida and North Dakota join the growing list of states that have legalized medical marijuana. Currently, 28 states* and Washington, D.C., have legalized marijuana use for certain medicinal … Continue reading “The Complexities Of Medical Marijuana In The Workplace” #Safety #RX

“Fall Protection – What’s Required Where?” – “Scissor Lifts”

First, I want to start off with the "scissor lift" dilemma and confusion. If you talk to two different people, you'll get two differing opinions. Here are my thoughts on this: I have watched while the battle has raged over whether the use of personal fall arrest harnesses by scissor lift operators is appropriate. The … Continue reading “Fall Protection – What’s Required Where?” – “Scissor Lifts”

Why Lock-Out, Tag-Out Is Vitally Important #LOTO #WorkplaceSafety

Note: The photos above are not intended for page views or shock value as I don't believe that those methods truly teach you anything in and of themselves. I don't know the particulars of the above accident, but I do know that the lack of a proper lock out - tag out (control of hazardous … Continue reading Why Lock-Out, Tag-Out Is Vitally Important #LOTO #WorkplaceSafety

“The Body Counts Continue”

Another Great Article By My Friend Phil La Duke!

Phil La Duke's Blog

By Phil La Duke

As the safety professionals nestled in the serene bosom of the holidays, the Bureau of Labor Statistics dropped a shattering revelation. The news came like a hammer through a plate glass window; sudden and jarring. Workplace fatalities have risen to their highest rate since 2008. The fact that overall injuries have continued to fall year after year has lulled safety professionals into thinking that the workplace over all has become safer; we sit and congratulate ourselves on a job well done, ignoring the fatal fly in the ointment that the trend in workplace fatalities has stayed flat and now has spiked upward.

In this Twittering Trump, Brexit, post-fact world that fact that people are continuing to die at work doesn’t seem to matter; we congratulate ourselves none-the-less. Our leaders both within Safety and in our core businesses continue to count bandages. Despite injury counts and rates…

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“New NFPA Video Underscores Long-Lasting Realities Of Home Fire Survivors”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yr3Cf8H4OwE On average, there are nearly 13,000 civilian fire injuries attributed to home fires each year. In cooperation with the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, NFPA has produced a new video underscoring the painful aftermath of these injuries. Burn care specialists from the William Randolph Hearst Burn Center, one of the premier burn care hospitals … Continue reading “New NFPA Video Underscores Long-Lasting Realities Of Home Fire Survivors”