“Stop, Think, Prevent” – “A New Workplace Safety Campaign Is Emerging” @StopThinkPrevnt

By: Marko Karr, CHST – “Stop, Think, Prevent” Program Author & Owner

One is Too Many!

I found myself thinking this today…

In May of 2016, I proudly posted on LinkedIn how my company honored the National OSHA Stand Down Week for Fall Prevention. We are committed to reducing falls and improving the industry.

The following week, a worker fell on a Hartford stadium project (not ours):
Fall at Yard Goats Stadium

A week later, a worker fell at a Hartford Hospital project (not ours):
Fall at Hartford Hospital

Shortly thereafter the same day, I was onsite at one of our own projects. I noticed an ironworker using a defective retractable. I stopped him. He replaced it. I took the necessary documentary action…

The problem is everywhere. It is all the time. It isn’t one specific trade – it’s every trade. Each has their own challenges and their own common failure points. This isn’t to say that people aren’t trying – they are! Unions, open shop, associations, CMs, GCs, Subs, employers, individuals – so many are fighting the fight – yet:

Falls are the leading cause of death in construction. Every year (since I started my safety profession in 1989), nearly 35% of all fatalities in construction are as a result of falls. Roofs, ladders, scaffolds, openings – all contribute to the problem.

Training is an issue. Planning is an issue. Follow through is an issue. Equipment is available – but is it being used, and properly?

It’s time we said – “Enough is Enough”.

A simple message. A daunting task. Take action. Save lives.

Visibility is key. A powerful message is needed.

Fall prevention needs to be part of a daily discussion.

I found a way to spread the word…likely slowly at first, but perhaps it will take off:

One is Too Many. Stop. Think. 

I’m not just “selling stickers”. That’s not the point. What I am asking is that, on a monthly basis, you do the following:

Encourage a Stop. Think. Day.

At NOON on that Day, blow an airhorn, equipment horns, car and truck horns, whatever it takes to catch everyone’s attention. Just for a few seconds – but long enough that they notice.

After the horns, take ONE MINUTE to think. No work. No lunch. No meetings. No phone calls. No speeches. Just Stop. Think. For one minute.
Think about the lost men and women. Think about the injuries. Think about the near misses. Think about what you’re going to do next. Think about who you are going home to.

Do this every month (with noise). Do it EVERY DAY, quietly. If you come up with a good idea, let me know, and I will pass it on. We have to create a wave.
Don’t stop, not until the madness stops. Make it your mantra. Spread the word. Make a change!

Our industry has got to stop the falls, the electrocutions, the trench fatalities…the suicides…

Get the Poster (well, maybe more like a handbill):
Stop. Think. Poster.

Get the Stickers:
HERE  (add to cart to see quantity discounts)

If you like the concept and would like to support our efforts, send us an email or visit our Patreon site at: patreon.com/stopthinkprevent


EHS Safety News America and Jack Benton are taking the lead in the Midwestern area of the USA to assist in spreading the message of this excellent safety initiative and program. This program is not ony for the construction industry but general industry (manufacturing) as well.

More news will be coming soon. So, please watch this site and the “Stop, Think, Prevent” site for updates. Please help us to spread the word!

Who We Are

Concerned professionals interested in promoting safety beyond compliance.

Our History

Too many years, and too many stories to tell…most of us could write a book!

For more information on this program, visit the “Stop, Think, Prevent” Website or fill out the form below with your question and we’ll answer it ASAP!


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