“10 GIFs That Accurately Sum Up What a Lack Of Safety Looks Like”

Wonder what it looks like when you fail to carry through with proper safety measures? These 10 GIF’s accurately sum it up.

1. Lack of Fall Protection

2. The riskiness of not wearing EYE Protection

3. Your Safety Manager When You Goof Around

4. When you don’t know what to do during a fire.

5. When your coworker tries something unsafe…but it works. 

6. When you see a close call of an accident. 

7. When you don’t know proper electrical procedures

8. How you feel during most safety meetings.

9. Until you make a mistake and your boss is like…”WE JUST TALKED ABOUT THIS IN THE TOOLBOX TALK!”

10. When your boss says “the OSHA inspector is expected to come today.”

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