Face Mask Exemption Cards – Don’t Fall For Them – #COVID-19 #FaceMasks #PPE

By Pam Sheirer Wilkinson

I’ve now seen a couple of versions of these cards floating around. As someone with both OSHA and ADA experience, I am telling you these cards are bogus and the resources the Freedom to Breath Agency (FTBA) website listed on one of the cards includes information from OSHA that while correct, has been taken completely out of context and is used to mislead people. Both the DOJ and ADA have weighed in on these cards and flyers floating around: https://www.ada.gov/covid-19_flyer_alert.html 

A check on the website address today found that it was no longer available https://www.ftbagency.com/ their Facebook page was still promoting the purchasing of these cards.

The truth of the matter is FTBA is a website that was set up by someone who doesn’t understand ADA at all, and likely really doesn’t care. They are just in it for the donation money. They are nothing more than a scam.

If you really believe you have a medical condition that prohibits you from wearing a mask, as part of a reasonable accommodation request, you must disclose your medical condition AND must have a doctor confirm you cannot wear a mask. Even if all of that happens, the workplace or store, etc. does NOT have to provide the specific reasonable accommodation that you demand.

They can provide any reasonable accommodation that works, such as allowing customers to order online with curbside pick-up or no contact delivery in a timely manner or allowing customers to order by phone with curbside pick-up or no contact delivery in a timely manner.

Oh, and if you don’t believe me, call the ADA number listed on one of the cards and ask them. It’s sad that wearing a face mask to stop the spread of a pandemic that has killed over 100,000 people is being made into a divisive issue.  Protect Yourself & Your Fellow Employees or Citizens, Wear the Mask.


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