Drive Fear From The Organization

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As businesses feel the economic pinch of COVID many safety professionals are living in fear for doing their jobs

Phil La Duke
I Know My Shoes Are Untied! Mind Your Own Business. An Iconoclast’s View of Workers’ Safety.
Lone Gunman: Rewriting the Handbook On Workplace Violence Prevention
Blood In My Pockets Is Blood On Your Handsand contributor to 1% Safer,

Not that anyone has been keeping track, but I have been blogging on fewer and fewer occasions—mainly because there just isn’t much to say about safety in a world (and a field) seemingly completely unable to distinguish facts from uninformed opinion.  I’m used to the halfwits of safety puffing their chests out in righteous indignation when they feel the need to defend the slack-assed and slack-jawed people working in safety (not all people obviously, but if that just made you bristle then maybe you had better…

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