Want to Keep Your Employees? Listen to Them

Organizations are using 2022 as a “recovery year” from the pandemic and the Great Resignation that has followed. HR professionals often are jumping from fire drill to fire drill, so it’s easy to lose sight of long-term goals like countering the Great Resignation’s effects and listening to employee feedback. Data collected from some of the top companies in the world point to environmental factors, like COVID’s effects on the family or anxiety about returning to the office, as reasons driving employee experience and overall engagement down. It’s a trend that started around mid-2021 after an initial rally the year before. Keeping a close ear to what your employees are experiencing—both mentally and physically, while we all strive to get a handle on new work environments—will help employees feel more engaged and more likely to stay in the long run.
— Read on resources.ehscareers.com/directory/want-to-keep-your-employees-listen-to-them-article-1439.aspx

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