Updated NFPA Disabilities Evacuation Guide | NFPA

NFPA Releases New Edition of Guide to Assist People with Disabilities
NFPA has released a new edition of a guide that helps the disabled community prepare for emergency evacuation.

As I mentioned briefly in a blog post earlier this year, NFPA had been working with several stakeholders to publish an update to this important resource, which is written by the NFPA Disability Access Review and Advisory Committee (DARAC) with assistance from NFPA staff and others. In November, NFPA published the third edition of the Emergency Evacuation Planning Guide for People with Disabilities. The main purpose of the guide is to provide building occupants, as well as building managers in non-residential buildings, guidance on how to develop an emergency evacuation plan that is inclusive of people with disabilities.
— Read on www.nfpa.org/News-and-Research/Publications-and-media/Blogs-Landing-Page/NFPA-Today/Blog-Posts/2022/12/13/NFPA-Releases-New-Edition-of-Guide-to-Assist-People-with-Disabilities


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