Melted Butter Spills into Historic Canal After Dairy Plant Fire

A fire broke out in the butter storage room of a dairy plant in Portage, Wisconsin, on Jan. 2, spreading melted butter throughout the facility and into a nearby historic canal. Crews responding to the buttery incident at the Associated Milk Producers plant deployed the same materials used in oil spills to clean up the mess, USA Today reported on Jan. 8.
“The spilled butter clogged storm drains and the Portage Canal, a historic waterway, with butter floating on top of the water in a 30-by-20-foot area, local officials said. No one was injured in the incident, and a hazmat team used boom absorbents used to control oil spills to clean up about 20 gallons of butter from the canal. The environmental impact from this incident has been minimal, so far, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources said in a statement, but officials say butter spills can have negative effects.
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