Guidance for Energy Storage Systems Technologies

A free 90-page guide on energy storage systems (ESS) technologies for building officials, emergency services, planners, architects and engineers is now available from the International Code Council (ICC) and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC).

ESS are a key enabling technology to facilitate the shift to renewable energy sources. The guide, Energy Storage Systems: Based on the IBC, IFC, IRC and NEC, was developed in response to an increased need for information on how to safely plan, design, build and permit ESS in the built environment.

Developed with funding support from the Department of Energy, the guide provides information on several ESS technologies and includes printable checklists for document reviews and inspections.

ESS technologies covered:

Utility-scale and large commercial-scale ESS projects
Residential and small commercial-scale ESS projects
Fire and explosion risk in battery-based ESS
Key standards for ESS equipment and installations
Applicable codes
Reviewing and inspecting techniques for ESS
Since lithium-ion battery-based ESS currently dominate the global market, representing over 90% of all new energy storage capacity installed, much of the guide focuses on this group of technologies.
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